Top 6 Chinese Supercars You’ve Never Heard


Until recently, everyone was convinced that Chinese brands are simply incapable of this. But, as it turns out, nothing is impossible for a country whose auto industry has held the title of the largest in the world for the ninth year. Over the past couple of years, the Chinese have unveiled a litany of experimental sports cars designed to challenge the auto industry’s elite. Some developments are pure fantasy, far from reality, but not all.

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Sixth place: Hainan Xiao Huo Hua

The main trick – the project was carried out by a 27-year-old student of an agricultural university. 

Ridiculous technical characteristics did not prevent this project from thundering almost all over the world last fall. The concept, created by a 27-year-old student of an agricultural university, Chen Yinghi, is not remarkable in terms of “stuffing”, but the design came out at least memorable. Similar concepts were created by Western and Japanese concerns in the early 90s, and a young Chinese auto designer decided to develop those ideas.

Fifth place: Windbooster Titan

Until the spring of 2016, Hong Kong-based Windbooster quietly produced small tuning accessories, such as electronic accelerator control units that increase the sensitivity and responsiveness of the gas pedal. But at the exhibition in Guangzhou at the end of February, the company announced itself as an automaker. According to the declared characteristics, the Windbooster Titan electric car came out no worse than the Tesla Model S, and even better for the price.

Fourth place: Qiantu K50

This is not the most powerful and fastest car in our selection, but it has one advantage that makes it stand out from the rest: the project is so close to launching into production that the exact price has even been announced. The Qiantu K50 coupe will cost 700,000 yuan, which is $ 108,000 in dollars. This is several thousand more than they ask for a Tesla Model S in China.

Third place: BAIC Arcfox-7


If behind other Chinese supercars there are small and little-known firms, then this development is represented by one of the largest automakers in China – Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation(BAIC). This firm is the fourth largest automaker in China. The Arcfox-7 electric supercar, which the firm showed at the Beijing Auto Show this year, will be on the assembly line in a few months.

Runner-up: Icona Vulcano Titanium

At the Pebble Beach Contest of Elegance in 2015, this car was one of the main show-stoppers. It would seem that a little-known Chinese brand can understand sports cars? Quite a lot of its designers, engines and chassis tuners came from well-known European companies. At the same time, the development can rightfully be called a Chinese model: the headquarters of the Icona brand is located in Shanghai, and all immigrants from the Old World who took part in this project moved to China from the very beginning of work – closer to the potential clientele.

First Place: TechRules TREV AT96/GT96

If we talk about ambitions, then the creators of this hypercar from TechRules have such over the edge. The company is developing a real know-how – a hybrid power plant based on a gas turbine engine, which is called TREV (Turbine Recharging Electric Vehicle – «an electric vehicle charged from a turbine»). The declared characteristics look very promising. The premiere of the project took place this year at the Geneva Motor Show and aroused great interest in the global automotive industry.