BYD M6 Review & Official Price


* Enjoy the exclusive luxury appearance

BYD M6 looks into the international most popular bullet design, large front window, providing drivers a broader perspective, on the road glance; large wide-view roof, occupants enjoy the panoramic view of perception; thick full tail shape coated rear bumper and body seamless, highlighting the strength of a sense of perspective after moving off; BYD M6 vehicle flowing lines, simple, elegant and modern new systemic dissemination of noble, honorable grade who demonstrate driving.


At the same time,BYD M6 a huge advantage in space, length / width / height, respectively, 4820mm × 1810mm × 1765mm, with seven ample room for BYD M6 is very confident in the rival show his good body type. Both political celebrities, business elite, or Loving Family, M6 cars to meet the needs of all-round.

* Science and technology co-stable configuration

High standards of safety design is the core advantage of M6: overall stamping Side, 3H high-rigidity body, safety cage structure, automatically open headlights, six-probe parking radar, in car video system, child safety locks, etc., M6 from active safety, passive safety and other areas, who bring a full range of close protection driving.

While in ensuring traffic safety, M6 has a wealth of high-tech profile. KEYLESS (no key) systems, intelligent sensor welcome light, smart rolling code encryption security, CAN-BUS system, electronic smart butler, DVD multimedia systems, security, driver assistance systems, dual-zone automatic air conditioning individually controlled, voice, electronic navigation system, with multi-function steering wheel audio controls and other digital and intelligent configuration ranging, for the occupants to create advanced secure car feel.
In addition, BYD M6 with 2.4 liter and 2.0 liter manual transmission Automatic two models, 2.4L 4G69 uses Mitsubishi’s top gasoline engine, matching the four-speed tiptronic transmission. Using self-developed BYD483QB 2.0L gasoline engine, two engines have reached Europe Ⅳ standard, with strong power and excellent fuel economy performance.


* BYD M6 deposit lofty ambition

2010 is the BYD brand, the BYD from product quality, sales network and service aspects upgraded to achieve new leaps. On the one hand, in order to ensure quality and quantity, to meet the challenges of higher, BYD sales target for 2010 have been adjusted; the other hand, BYD has begun to improve in the second half of intensive introduction of several brand strength of heavy vehicles . M6 BYD brand strategy as a pioneer model year, the impact of high-end market, shoulder, grab market share, challenging task of joint venture models. July to September, M6 for sub-station in the country listed. Now, went to the car sales season, M6 will be built BYD new A4 network of high-end sales network as the platform to seize the opportunity are all out to middle and senior multi-car Blue Ocean market.

BYD M6 Interior

BYD M6 Users’ Evaluation :
Today, 2 units transferred from the outside come BYD M6, M6 after carefully testing the following points can be improved under the government.
1.ABC black part of the column and the common practice now in black paper and tape up the same, and can be changed to black spray paint.
2. The driver at the top left are reserved for the handle or glasses box location is now idle.
3. Side sliding door is now manual, can develop components or install automatic door kit PREVIA.
4. All car parts can be further fine point rubber.
5. Hand House version only suede seats, preferably with leather seats.
6. The current version of the only light-colored interior, is not able to open a Black interior.

BYD M6 Gear Box

BYD M6 official guidance pricing :

2.0L comfortable: 139,800 RMB (USD 20865)

2.0L Luxury: 150,800 RMB (USD 22507)
2.4L Exclusive type: 178,800 RMB (USD 26567)
2.4L flagship: 239,800 RMB  (USD 35791)

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