Hot!BYD F3DM Low Carbon Model Price Markup on Sale


As the world’s first dual-mode electric vehicle which is not relied on professional charging station, BYD F3DM equips with a low-carbon version of the world’s most advanced DM (dual-mode) system, and loads with the world’s first solar car battery charging system, the 1.0L engine equips with electricmachine can reach up to 2.4L power, which is pioneer car model in global new energy saving and environmental protection. It needs only seven hours in slow charge of home use power supply for F3DM low carbon model, while in pure electric mode, the cruising distance can reach to 60kilometers in city comprehensive road condition.

BYD F3DM Low Carbon Model
BYD F3DM Low Carbon Model

The price of F3DM low carbon model is 169,800RMB, it is not only more expensive than the F3DM dual mode electric vehicle which was introduced in 2008, and also the cost is equal to two F3. Therefore the price was doubted while the beginning of F3DM’s list. However, from the  view of manifestation in more than one month after list, F3DM low-carbon model is not just having price but no sales, the Shenzhen BYD dealers have said the first batch of F3DM has already been bought, the second batch of cars has also booked by customers. Therefore extra 50000rmb price markup is only the conflict between capacity and demand.

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