BAW Launched a High-Performance BJ 212 with a 2.4T Turbo Engine


Recently, GWM has dd a debuted it a new SUV, named Haval “Big Dog”, this model is not a pure off-road SUV architecture. It may use an urban SUV chassis, which is more biased for technology configuration and riding comfort. However, the Haval “Big Dog” has a larger approach angle and departure angle, as well as super-high ground clearance, so it has become a new concern for many off-road vehicle fans.

In fact, the reason everyone is looking forward to the Haval Big Dog maybe because of the influence of the once cheap off-road SUV model Haval H5. Off-road vehicle fans are very much looking forward to the Chinese car companies to come up with better cheap off-road vehicles. Recently, Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) has also made new moves. BJ 212 off-road “Jeep” ushered in an update. This time it launched a model with a high-performance engine. It is replaced with a 2.4T turbocharged gasoline engine, the limit output far exceeds the previous 1.5T engine. Price of this BJ 212 is at 101,000yuan (~US$14,273)

The new 2.4T engine codename 4K22D4T is still from the “Aerospace Mitsubishi”, it has a limit output of up to 211 horsepower, which is indeed a bit unexpected. The BJ 212 SUV has never had such a powerful horsepower value. The peak torque of the engine reaches 320 Nm, which is also the best performance in history. In order to cooperate with such a strong engine, the high-performance version of BJ 212 has also been replaced with a 6-speed manual gearbox, which has a stronger torque resistance and better performance at high speeds.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the car are 4245/1830/1910mm, and the wheelbase is 2460mm. At the same time, the vehicle’s wading depth is 600mm, the approach angle is 45 degrees, the departure angle is 35 degrees, and the longitudinal passing angle is 26 degrees. It has a four-wheel-drive system. In terms of suspension, the front is a double-wishbone coil spring independent suspension, and the rear is a four-link coil-spring independent suspension.

This high-performance version of BJ 212 mainly upgrades the powertrain. There are no major changes in the appearance and interior. It is still a very classic metal-sheet appearance with black hard plastic material for the interior. After opening the door, you can find that this car has no sense of luxury. It can be said that the configuration of the interior belongs to the level of decades ago, but the dual-temperature air conditioner is available, the tire pressure has been added to the instrument panel, the seat comfort has been slightly improved, the sealing effect and sound insulation brought by the hard metal roof is much better than the current canvas soft-top models.

History of BJ 212

BJ 212 (Beijing Jeep) is the earliest passenger car produced in China, the pure ORV off-road vehicle. BJ 212 was born in 1965. Since Chairman Mao Zedong, the first generation leader of New China, inspected the Red Guards in the convertible “BJ 212”, the homegrown “BJ 212” has been selling well for more than 30 years. The market has 600,000 vehicles, and the cumulative output is China’s first.

The manufacturer of BJ 212 is Beijing Automotive Works, which was reorganized and reorganized into Beijing Automotive Works Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “BAW” in English) in 2001.