Named “Xingmang” – YEMA AUTO Released New Energy Brand


Recently, Yema Auto officially released the new LOGO of its new energy brand, and named it “Xingmang” (Chinese says “星芒”), which also indicates Yema Auto is entering in the field of new energy vehicle market. According to the official, Yema Auto will release two new pure electric models at the end of November.

YEMA Auto has the same Chinese name as Mustang Auto in Chinese market, anyway, they are totally different things and two vehicle brands. YEMA Auto is not a big auto maker in China, it went bankrupt once and was finally acquired by another Chinese EV maker, the LEVDEO, which produces many low-speed EVs in Chinese market.


According to the previous information, the two new pure EV should be YEMA E10/E12. Looking back at the YEMA E10, the overall design adopts a more square design style. Because it is a new energy model, its front grille adopts a closed design, with a trapezoidal large-sized air inlet below, which makes the car look gorgeous. The side of the body is designed with a double waistline, the sporty atmosphere is relatively well-placed.

The new car is positioned as a small pure electric SUV model, the official said that its comprehensive cruising range is 400km. YEMA E10 will support two modes of fast and slow charging. In the fast charging mode, it takes only 60 minutes to charge from 0% to 80% of the battery capacity, the slow charge can be filled in 8 hours.


According to the official PPT released before, theYEMA E12 adopts a new design language. The narrow-strip air intake grille is equipped with long and narrow headlights on both sides to make the car look very smart, the exaggerated air intake design on the left and right sides of the bumper adds a bit of sporty texture. On the side of the body, the front and rear raised wheel eyebrows make the car side look more textured, at the same time, the split waistline extending from the headlight group to the taillight group floats above the connecting line of the front and rear wheel arches, providing a more colorful light and shadow change for the vehicle side. In terms of the rear part, the new car also adopts a long taillight group design, which adds to the sporty atmosphere of the car while echoing it.

In terms of configuration, the new car will provide push-button starter, keyless entry, steep slope descent, central control LCD large screen, LED headlights, 18-inch wheels, 360-degree panoramic image, anti-glare rearview mirror, memory seat, Concealed door handles, zoned automatic air conditioning, PM2.5 green system, automatic parking, ACC (adaptive cruise), AEB (emergency braking system), blind zone monitoring, electronic handbrake, ESC and tire pressure monitoring.

In terms of power, the official does not disclose the detailed power information of the car, but we can see through the PPT that the official claim that its maximum cruising range can reach 500 kilometers., it supports fast and slow charge, in the fast charge mode from 0% to 80% of the battery capacity only takes 30 minutes, the slow charge can be filled in 8 hours. For more information about the YEMA Auto, we will continue to pay attention.