2020 Yema BoJun features refined looks and new power combo


Yema Auto officially released the official map of the 2020 Yema Bojun recently with refinements in appearance and interior details; an optimized configuration and the addition of a 1.5L engine + CVT combination.

Looks-wise, 2020 Yema Bojun has the same styling of the current Bojun model with some tweaks. From the front, a stylish waterfall design has replaced the interior shape of the front grille; the grille upper edge linked to the C-shaped daytime running lights now has a chrome-plated trim. From the sides, the exterior mirrors and D-pillar are rendered in black to contrast with the white body. Double five-spoke rims add to the sporty looks. Inside, color and details were enhanced; an LCD instrument panel, 8-inch central control screen, 360-degree panoramic image, and touchscreen air conditioning panel will come standard.

Under the hood, the new Yema Bojun comes with a new 1.5L + CVT power combination, a welcome addition to the 1.5L + 5MT/6MT options already available.