GAC AION Y Goes for Pre-sale in the Chinese Market with Price Range of 105,900 to 149,900 Yuan


On March 29, GAC AION brand’s fourth EV AION Y goes for pre-sale. It is offered in five models with pre-sale prices ranging from RMB 105,900 to RMB 149,900 (~US$16,128 – US$22,829). The new electric SUV is expected to be officially launched in April. AION Y is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV. It was previously unveiled at the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show. The design style is modern and young. It is equipped with ADiGO 3.0 automatic driving assistance system, one-button remote parking, 5G in-vehicle entertainment and many other technological configurations as well as LCD instrument panel and large central control screen, it is available in four cruising range versions of 460/500/503/600km.

AION Y is built on the GEP 2.0 pure electric exclusive platform. Its appearance features an integrated and smooth design. Through the design concept of Sky City, it integrates various personalized design elements, such as the LED headlights of angel wings, D-pillar decorative panels, hollow-out tail wings, and enclosed wheels, etc., to further enhance the personalized label attributes. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the AION Y are 441018701645mm, and the wheelbase is 2750mm.

In terms of intelligent equipment, ADiGO 2.0 driver assistance system is indispensable. It integrates 5 safe driving assistance functions, including front collision warning (FCW), active brake assist system (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assist ( LKA), driver status monitoring (DMS) and 7 automatic driving assistance functions, including adaptive cruise (ACC), intelligent high beam (IHBC), intelligent speed limit adaptive cruise (iACC), traffic sign recognition (TSR) , Traffic jam assist (TJA), remote parking, integrated cruise (ICA).

The focus of AION Y is to carry the latest black technology- Magazine Battery which is developed by GAC itself. The Magazine Battery is not the type of battery, but the layout of the battery. The Magazine Battery can be a ternary lithium battery or a lithium iron phosphate battery. GAC AION conducted acupuncture tests on the ternary lithium battery of the Magazine Battery, and the overall performance of high temperature resistance and explosion resistance was good. The energy density of the battery system of AION Y is 184Wh/kg, and the power consumption per 100 kilometers under working conditions is 13.8kWh. The NEDC battery range of the top version can reach 600 kilometers.

AION Y will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor on the front axle, with a maximum power of 135kW and a peak torque of 350N·m. It will be used with four driving modes, three steering modes and multiple braking energy recovery modes. The overall power performance is still abundant, with the characteristics of low-speed bursts of pure electric vehicles. The overall power output and braking energy recovery intervention are very soft and linear, and it is not easy to feel motion sickness.

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