MG MZS ranked first in Israel after landed in the first month


The MG, which has just entered the Israeli market, has gained a good start. Recently, we learned from the MG official that in January this year, MG EZS ranked first in Israel’s pure electric vehicle sales with 150 sales in the first month. It is reported that, as China’s first pure electric SUV to land in the Israeli market, price of MG EZS starts at $ 40,000

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Israel has an area of more than 20,000 square kilometers, and about 60% of its territory is desert. Taking into account factors such as the environment and health, Israel plans to ban the sale of fuel vehicles in 2030 and replace them with new energy vehicles. In 2019, Israel’s annual sales of electric vehicles rose to about 700, entering the market cultivation period. Taking this as an opportunity, the MG, a century-old British sports car brand, immediately cut in, hoping to lead the Israeli new energy vehicle revolution.

MG EZS was first launched in China as early as March 2019. The new car launched a total of four configuration models, the unified price after subsidy is from 119,800 yuan (~US$17,900) to 149,800 yuan in Chinese market. Since then, MG EZS has become a strategic pure electric SUV used by SAIC MG to open up the global market, and has been launched in Thailand, Britain, India and other overseas markets.