Leopaard to Launch New Coupe SUV: Ferrari Portofino Face + Interior of Peugeot 508L

Leopaard to Launch New Coupe SUV: Ferrari Portofino Face + Interior of Peugeot 508L

The coupe model has become popular in the Chinese auto market. The Chinese-made “BMW X6” such as Geely Xingyue, Haval F7X and Changan CS85 coupe, all of them have attracted many young consumers. Nowadays, in order to cater to the trend, Leopaard Motors, a third line brand in China, has also exposed its new coupe SUV, but it seems a bit ugly to seize the market!

It’s no wonder that Ferrari has always insisted on not making SUV. If so, it probably looks like this. The sickle-type front lights are paired with the “gritty laughter” in the middle grille, which makes people look really horrible. I have to say that Leopaard’s new SUV refers to the design elements of Ferrari Portofino, and the exquisite badge means that Leopaard has changed the car logo again?

The side of the car is very sharp, and the slip-back roof is not so pleasing to the eye. The multi-spoke aluminum box with red calipers has a bit of sportiness. The most worthy of appreciation is the tail, the middle waistline is folded and matched with blackened taillights, making people look full of fashion.

The interior style is still familiar with the Peugeot 508L, which was just listed. It uses the so-called i-Cockpit language, equipped with full LCD instrument, large-size display and piano-style buttons, makes the interior full of fighting style.
Not long ago, the case of Land Rover told Landwind X7 ripoff had just subsided. Leopaard Motors then took out the “Ferrari Edition” coupe SUV and equipped with the Peugeot 508L interior. Let’s see what will happen…