Leopaard Motors’ First Pure EV – Leopaard Binge Will be Soon in China Market, Range 189miles


Leopaard Motors’s brand-new EV Binge launched on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, it will be ready in market in June, 2019, the former name of Leopaard Binge is CS3 BEV, later Leopaard have it a new Chinese name “缤歌” (Bin Ge). This is the first pure electric SUV model from Leopaard Motors, it is a small size SUV. The new car is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 50kW, and the NEDC working range is 189miles(305km).

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the latest design language, the front face is grille-less design, the headlights on both sides are integrated with the grille, and the fog light area on the lower side is sturdy, which is quite fierce. The rear part of the car still adopts a family style, the taillights use light bar design, the “BEV” in the lower right corner indicates the identity of its new energy vehicle. The body size (length, width and height) are 3845mm/1685mm/1510mm and the wheelbase is 2410mm.

For the interior, Leopaard Binge features a LCD instrument panel, a floating central control display, and a flat-bottom double-spoke multi-function steering wheel. The overall shape is fashionable. In addition, electronic gear, electronic hand brakes, automatic parking and other configurations have also appeared in the new car.

In terms of power, Leopaard Binge provides a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 50kW. It is equipped with a 30.8kWh battery pack. The NEDC range can do 189miles(305km). It takes 9 hours to have it fully charged, and 40min to charge up to 80% in fast charging mode.