Leopaard Motors to Launch CS9 EV360, a EV model with range of 223miles


Leopaard Motors launch CS9 EV360 in China market, a pure EV based on its fuel version of CS9. Price starts from 126,800 ends at136,800 Yuan(~USD18,800 – 20,383) after government subsidy.

Leopaard CS9 EV is a new energy version based on Leopaard CS9, it is a SUV model. In terms of body size, it measures 4315/1840/1650mm and wheelbase of 2600mm. CS9 EV has not changed much in terms of appearance and interior. It is equipped with a 12-inch central control LCD screen, electric panoramic sunroof, ESC, tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, reversing radar, and reversing images.

Leopaard CS9 EV360 is powered by a 90kW(122ps,120hp) electric motor with max. torque of 260N.m, the battery pack capacity is upgraded to 50.58kWh, the energy density is 140.5Wh/kg, and the NEDC working range is 223miles(360km).

In fact, Leopaard Motors released CS9 EV version as early as two years ago. At that time, it matched the battery pack with a capacity of 48.18KWh. The total cursing range is up to158miles(255km). The price is similar to that of the new CS9 EV360. Therefore, the CS9 EV360 is an upgraded version.