JMC Debuted Its Flagship Pickup YUHU-9 at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Matched with ZF 8AT


JIANGLING MOTORS CO.(JMC) released a brand-new pickup model, the YUHU 9, and debuted in Shanghai. JMC YUHU 9 (域虎9 in Chinese) has new design language which is more aggressive than YUHU 7 in appearance. According to official news, YUHU 9 will be matched with ZF 8AT AMT transmission, it become JMC’s flagship pickup.

The overall design of the JMC YUHU 9 continues the design language of YUHU family. The large mouth grille shape is highly recognizable, and the eagle-eye headlights on both sides form the aggressive front face.

There are also many kinds of sounds about the design of this big mouth air inlet. Some people say that it is too radical to accept, and some people say that they are like the mouth of a certain fish. But it turns out that most users like this design, whether it is YUHU 3 or YUHU 7, this advanced design concept has become a new wave in pickup.

As the flagship pickup in the current YUHU family, the headlights of YUHU 9 are all LED light source, and there are also daytime running lights.

The keyless entry system is also available on YUHU 9.

YUHU 9 are wrapped with soft leather in most parts of interior. The first part is the door panel, the upper part is wrapped in beige leather, and the lower part is wrapped in black soft leather.

The door is integrated with the central control lock, rearview mirror heating adjustment, four-door electric window lift and other buttons.

The multi-function steering wheel, which is wrapped and perforated in leather, is not only cool, but also has a paddle shifting design, plus a full LCD instrument panel, which can be said it is full of sports.

One-button start-up, electronic parking, ESP, automatic start and stop, economic/power mode selection, reversing radar + reversing images all appeared on YUHU 9.

JMC YUHU 9 is powered by a 2.0L GTDi engine with Ford technology, with maximum power of 151kW and maximum torque of 325 N.m, matched with ZF 8-speed AMT transmission. In addition to the gasoline engine model, it will also released a 2.4T diesel engine to meet the needs of more users.

YUHU 9 features four-wheel drive system, the vehicle also adds four modes of mud, rock, snow and sand to deal with the harsh road conditions to improve the trafficability.

The configuration of YUHU 9 is also very powerful. Intelligent driving technologies such as full-speed adaptive cruise system, front collision warning and automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and maintenance system, traffic sign recognition and intelligent high beam are all available on it.