Hanteng Auto’s First Pure EV, the Xingfu e+ Is Ready in China Market


We learned from the Hanteng Auto that its first all-new pure electric small SUV, the Xingfu e+ officially listed recently. Actually there is no English man for this small EV at the moment, the name “Xingfu” is the spelling of Chinese “幸福”, means “happiness”, interestingly, plus the pronunciation of “e+” in Chinese, the whole name “Xingfu e+” indicates “a happy family”.

Hanteng Xingfu e+ launched offers three trim levels, price ranges in 59,800-69,800 yuan in China market after subsidy. The new car is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 42kW (56hp) and peak torque of 180N·m, range is 192miles(310km) declared by MIIT China.

The new car uses a dot-matrix grille in the front face design, the grille is outlined by a silver-tone metal trim. The front badge added blue elements to highlight its identity as a new energy model, the front bumper is also designed with a silver trim to increase the layering of the front face, it is simple and stylish.

On the side of the car body, the lines of Hanteng Xingfu e+ are simple and dynamic, straight waist line runs through the side of body. In terms of body size, the length and height of the car are 3721/1658/1522mm and the wheelbase is 2360mm.

In terms of interior, Hanteng Xingfu e+ adopts double color matching sports style design, the center console adopts T-shaped layout, central control display size is 10.4 inches, the infotainment system integrates Baidu CarLife, human-computer interaction, and car Bluetooth system. The new car features car networking system, which has functions such as remote control, remote monitoring, vehicle positioning, electronic fence, vehicle burglar alarm, and vehicle periodic report.

In terms of power, it is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 42kW (56hp) and peak torque of 180N·m. battery group is ternary lithium battery with capacity of 30.75kWh. Range of the EV is able to do 310km(192miles). In terms of charging, it takes 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100% in fast charging mode, and 10 hours in the slow charging mode.

About Hanteng Auto

Established in November 2013, Hanteng Auto is located in Jiangxi Shangrao Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a brand-new private vehicle manufacturer with core business of R&D, production and sales of traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles and key auto parts.

However, we found out that the predecessor of Han Teng Motor was Lantu Automobile by inquiring about the enterprise information disclosure system. Today, the trademark of HanTeng is the registered trademark of Lantu Automobile. According to the last information found, HanTeng’s investor is the owner of Zotye Auto: Tech-new Group.

So both Zotye and Hanteng are owed by Tech-new Group, actually Hanteng Auto is also a shared technology and platform of Zotye Auto.