Pocco Duoduo officially listed with a price tag of 26,800-39,800 Yuan!


A few days ago, we learned from the official website of POCCO Auto that they have unveiled its new vehicle named Pocco Duoduo. The brand has launched the new car in three different variants, and the price starts from RMB 26,800 and goes all the way up to 39,800 Yuan. It is positioned as a miniature electric car and a multi-purpose leisure vehicle. And the Pocco Duoduo is the second model from Pocco Auto’s Midola family. The brand provides a three-year or 100,000 KM warranty for the car and an 8 year or 120,000 KM warranty for the battery pack. In terms of power, the Pocco has equipped the Pocco Duoduo with a permanent magnet synchronous motor that produces a maximum power output of 29kW, which converts 39 HP. It also has an NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) cruising range of 170+ KMs.

Introduction to the new car

In terms of appearance, Pocco Duoduo adopts a casual and cute style that is more rounded and exquisite overall. And it also sports bright body colors, which makes the car have a youthful and dynamic “character.” To the front, it has a closed grille which is matched with its oval headlights. A black decorative strip runs through both the left and right headlights, enhancing youthfulness. The new car adopts a two-color body design to the sides, which has a certain sense of fashion. It also has an irregular dot matrix design to the sides, which brings a touch of freshness. In terms of size, the Pocco Duoduo has a length width and height are 3325/ 1500/ 1588mm, respectively. It also has an ample wheelbase of 2275mm. Further, the charging port of the car is located under the front grille.

To the rear, the overall design of the car is similar to that of the front. The tailgate is relatively straight and has not been modified too much. The taillights use the same shape as the headlights and are embellished with blue trims around. It also has a polygonal license plate area, which is unique in shape. At the same time, the new car will be available in four colors, namely ice crystal blue, vibrant orange, light turquoise, and pearl white.

It is worth mentioning that the new car adopts a five-door four-seater layout. And the rear seats are foldable and would flush into the floor. That is, the Pocco Duoduo uses a flush floor folding method. And the same will expand the trunk space to a maximum of 987L. The same also increase the space utilization rate in the car.

Apart from the differences in the heating and air conditioning of the three models, there are certain things which are common to all versions. It includes the height adjustment of the headlights, LCD instrumentation, central control screen, and air conditioning. Further, the standard features also include electronic power steering, USB charging port, reversing image, ETC device interface, and much more. That is, all these are the standard equipment that comes with the car.

In terms of power, the Pocco Duoduo equips with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has a maximum power output of 29kW and a peak torque of 110 NM. Further, the battery capacity of the vehicle differs upon the variant. The basic and standard versions have a battery pack of 10.3kWh. Both these have a standard NEDC cruising range of 128KM. The deluxe version has 14.5kWh and has an NEDC cruising range of 178KM. All these batteries are lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Introduction about Pocco Auto

Pocco Auto is the first new energy brand in China that integrates “small” and “multifunctional” into the brand definition. The brand is committed to creating a new industry pattern of “small and multifunctional electric passenger cars.” It will be the leader of small energy cars. The Meidola series of the brand family includes three different models now. These are Meimei, Pocco Duoduo and Pocco Lala. All these came with different positioning such as small and exquisite, casual multi-purpose, and pull goods. Pocco Auto is an investment of Yujie Group which is a new electric vehicle brand.

Yujie Group had previously focused on the production of four-wheeled electric scooters. Once, the brand had two low-speed scooters, the Yogomo and Loovee. After ten years of development, the brand has sold more than 400,000 vehicles. Both these products have obtained good feedback in the market. And both these products have become the king in the field of low-speed electric vehicles.