2021 Geometry C launched with NEDC range of 550km


Geometry C has launched a total number of five new virants for the model year 2021, and it is priced very competitively. After the subsidy, the prices now start from 129,800 Yuan and go all the way up to 182,800 Yuan for the top model. Compared to the existing models from the brand, the new models don’t have much difference in styling. Both the interior and exterior of the latest EVs look similar to the previous EVs. But the new models have a better appearance than the existing ones. And the interior looks much better with the new color schemes. The new models come in two different ranges, i.e., one with a range of 400km and the other with 550km under NEDC.


Prices of 2021 Geometric C!

  • C400 square version – 129800 Yuan – 400 KM range
  • C400 cubic version – 139800 Yuan – 400 KM range
  • Finally, C400 Struggle Edition – 172800 Yuan – 400 KM range
  • C550 Power Square Edition – 162800 Yuan – 550 KM range
  • C550 Rubik’s Cube Edition – 182800 Yuan – 550 KM range

These prices are after the subsidy of 10000 Yuan. The Geometry C Pro customers will have many benefits like a loan with another discount of 8000 Yuan. Further, you also get offers like a replacement subsidy of up to 15,000 Yuan, a 1000 Yuan deposit for the 6000 Yuan model, and the C+ Changxing gift package, which has a value of 22000 Yuan can be bought for just 3000 Yuan. Further, you will also get a subsidy worth 8000 Yuan for 100000 KMs. They will also install the charging system for free, which is worth 5000 Yuan. The Pro customers also get a lifetime warranty of 5000 Yuan. And free basic maintenance, which is worth 4000 Yuan. Would you please do note that these offers are not applicable for the C400 Struggle Edition?

Geometry C 2021

To recall, Geometry C was first unveiled in August 2020. The car is the first mass-produced model of Geometry Car’s “Geometry+” platform. Further, the 2020 Geometry C has a model version with an NEDC cruising range of 550km and is at par compared to other mainstream level products. Finally, after a year, Geometry C has launched a new model. The new 2021 Geometry C has optimized and upgraded the configuration based on maintaining good endurance. Speaking on the power figures, the car comes with a maximum power of 150kW (201 HP) and a peak torque of 310 NM.

Design of 2021 Geometry C!

2020 Geometry C

Geometry C is positioned as a compact SUV, and as said, the 2021 model comes with almost the exact design of the 2020 model. The youthfulness of this new model can be highlighted with the cross-border body shape. Although there are a few changes, like the front line is pressed down, and the front face also has changed. Now, the front looks much richer because of the air intake. That is, the front surround is equipped with air intake holes on both sides.

When it comes to dimensions, the length, width, and height of the 2021 Geometry C are 4432 x 1833 x 1560mm, and it has a wheelbase of 2700 mm. The new EV also has popular design elements like a suspended roof, slip-back design, and concealed door handles. Further, the 2021 Geometric C EV also has a new car door handle which is named a knife-axe lower waistline design. The new car door handle not only contributes to the visual effect, i.e., the brand claims that it can also disperse the airflow and optimize the drag coefficient.

Little bit more on design!

The design language of Geometry C is very similar to that of Geometry A. The best thing about this is that the interior does not look out of date at all, and it even makes people feel that the design is futuristic and straightforward whenever you see it. Especially the center console in the front row has a significant role in this. Further, the visual effect of the passage area is very unique. Say, for example, if you look at a compact SUV with a price range of 100,000 to 200,000 Yuan, there are many great pure electric models on the market. Each of them has more than enough space. Which is more attractive to you guys, the AION Y or the Geometry C?

Let’s compare it with other EVs!

Xpeng G3

Even if we compare with the mature products of the established EV car companies, such as Xpeng G3. The price of the Xpeng G3 starts from 149800 Yuan and goes all way up to 199800 Yuan. The youth consumers are more interested in the latest EV brands because these products usually have some ideas and configurations which will attract young people. Compared to Geometry C, the Xpeng G3 will draw consumers in terms of playability and space performance. Instead of Xpeng, we can compare it with other compact SUVs in the segment. There are many excellent pure EVs available in the price range that starts from 100000 Yuan and go all the way up to 200000 Yuan. We meant it by that it may not be easy for the Geometry C to “break out of the siege.”

Also, EV vehicles are much faster when compared to the previous iterations of traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. For example, Geometry C has improved and launched new models within one year of its launch. They are mainly focusing on good looks, mainstream battery life, and optimized and upgraded configuration performance. We hope that Geometry C will attract more consumers. But as we mentioned above, the market has got rich vehicles, and Geometry C is not one from the same. Let us know your thoughts on the new Geometry C. And also, would buy this if you are in the market for an EV?