Voleex C50 Appearance Review (1)


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Voleex C50 Appearance: lack of movement is more than business

Voleex c50
Great Wall Voleex C50 is independently developed by Great Wall Motor- A brand-new B-class car, the positive side, this car is still biased in favor of movement. Active body line, people could not help but rapid heart beat, kind of want to sit in the cockpit to drive the road after the impulse. However, as B-class cars, commercial appearance of the weak, perhaps a little less than the car.

voleex c50voleex c50
From the sideways, the entire waist hip lift the vehicle, but also the entire tail was more of the full. Mirrors with integrated turn signal function, using the 205/55R 16 size tires, matching the entire body, it seems that little bit smaller!

voleex c50

voleex c50