Voleex C20R Review|Vehicle Shape & Style

  • Vehicle Shape & Style

Someone will not be much unfamiliar with such an new model if you have seen Voleex C10 before, the demension of this model is 3890*1727*1604mm, it is a little bit bigger than C10, the wheel base is still 2460mm, that’s no difference.

Voleex C20R Appearance

Car face is brand new designed, many body like the big mouse.

Rear View of Voleex C20R

Cross style, 16inch’s tyre with croth aluminium alloy hub, the tyre spec is 195/60 R16

Tyre Spec of C20R

Four-wheel disc brake is the standard for C20R, but we guess the lowest confi for this model will be just with brake pad in its rear tyre.

Tail View of Voleex C20R

The tail bumper is very strong, the rear foxlight is also the standard configuration, but it seems we didn’t see where the parking sensor is.
The tail style is not much different with Voleex C10.