Vanuatu Prime Minister become Wingle (V240)’s User (Great Wall Motor)


February 16, Vanuatu Prime Minister and Minister of Civil Service, Mr. Parker • Edward • Natapei take over the car key from Great Wall special shop in the capital Port Vila, to become the Great Wall Wingle (V240) pickup’s customer. “I am very satisfied with Wingle, so I buy it as a car for my daily life.”

 Vanuatu Prime Minister become Great Wall Motor’s User

It is reported that Vanuatu is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, a tropical marine climate. The automobile market is highly competitive, Toyota and other seven brands from Japan, Hyundai and other four brands from South Korean. Great Wall Motor gets into Vanuatu market by cooperating with the local dealer named Pacific Automotive in 2007.

The Prime Minister Parker said on site: Vanuatu is currently a less developed country, road construction is poor and backward, more than 85% of roads are dirt road and conditions are very bad, so we choose car stringently. Wingle from Great Wall Motor can fit through our road environment in power, control, and other aspects, the larger trunk is also very suitable for our family.

Great Wall Wingle (V240)

Great Wall Wingle listed in 2007, the unique design concept, Chinese and Western style face, set power, security, style and comfort in one. In 2008, Great Wall Wingle achieved a single product sold a million units overseas. At present, the Great Wall pickup holdings in the international market are more than 20 million units, exporting to 128 countries and regions, including in Russia, South Africa market, the Great Wall pickup market share has reached 50%.
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