Haval M2 Review and Road Test-Passenger Space


● Haval M2’s Space: Seat and Space are excellent

When I mentioned interior materials in last page, in fact, I deliberately sold a shut, just gave a close-up on door panel, this page is the key to show the seat, the large area of black and red color will make you mistakenly believe you are entering a sports car, in fact, this is a very personalized city vehicles.

Haval M2 's seat has been redesigned, and the Visual effects of black and red color assortment is outstanding, while at the waist and leg wrapped very well

Net material has a better effect on anti-skidding, the waist encapsulation is not less than many models

Obviously, the leg support is specially reinforced, and the actual measurement of M2’s seat size: the front seat length 500mm, rear seat cushion length 480mm, they are all very good results

Haval M2‘s Shape design of seat is unequivocal, the wrap aside and leg support have been deliberately enhanced, bringing the excellent wrap and comfort, so as to match its excellent visual effects, so the only shortcoming we can pick out is: Why can’t the height of driver’s seat be adjusted?

There is no difference between as Coolbear on passenger space

If you feel the head space of front row is big enough, then you’re out, because the back row head space is more exaggerated and legroom is also longer enough as a Extended B-class model

That’s really rare that you may cross your leg in back row for such a small car

I think we don’t need to show off about the space, as you can see it, it is really big whether the head space in front or back row and leg space in back row, it must thank Haval M2’s matchbox-style shape, which comes an incomparable space utilization rate.

There is a little bit inconvenient place: hand brake position is a little too low, you have to pull straight arm to catch it

Now we mention two inconvenience detail, first is the length of seat belts, it can be driving normally for most people, but if you need to sit too forward, or you need to move to get objects which is a little far, then you will find you’re restraint by the seat belt, its length seems to lack proper margin, of course, if you understand in the other way, it is more safe while slam the brakes or pileup, it’s good for security; secondly, the driver’s seat can not be adjusted up and down, while sitting posture is a little high, so it is slightly awkward position when pull up the handbrake, and if your arm is a little short, then you need to straighten arm, it could be a little inconvenient.

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