HAVAL H5 Being Released European Edition in Russia|Great Wall Motors


Haval H5 Review

HAVAL H5 Euro Version was launched in Russian market on Mar tenth, 2011. Co-organized by the Great Wall Motors and its Russian distributor IRITO, the launch commemoration bring in great attention by local media from local and passionate auto lovers. Zhou Yong from HAVAL SUV Loong Racing Team, originallywinner among China’s racers at the Dakar Rally 2011, also went to the ceremony as an thankful visitor.

Haval H5 Cabin View

Developed entirely accordance with European standard, the HAVAL H5 European Model will be the first international SUV version of Eu-standard quality. Within just only 1 year, the HAVAL H5 European Edition has become the very first Chinese vehicle getting the European union Entire Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) by going through 48 strict evaluating programs, covering up vehicle safety, enviromentally friendly protection, efficiency, and interior smell. From March 2010 to August, 2,001 HAVAL H5 Euro Edition vehicles had been exported to Italy (an European union member nation) in batches. It is reported that HAVAL H5 European Edition cars are also exported in small batches to Syria, Belarus, Chile, Southeastern Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.

Russia is major overseas marketplace of Great Wall Motors. In 2010, Great Wall Motors exported more than 8,000 autos to Russia. The main model exported is HAVAL SUV. It is reported in which the Great Wall Motors’ main partner in Russia is the IRITO Group. In the Moscow Region, the Great Wall Motors has a KD assembly factory with a manufacturing capacity of 30 thousand vehicles, among that the key models are HAVAL H3, HAVAL H5 and HAVAL M2 .