Great Wall Motor’s TANK 300 HEV Concept Car, ORA Good Cat GT Debuted at the Bangkok International Motor Show


From March 21st to April 3rd, the new energy models of Great Wall Motor (GWM) landed at the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand, including Haval H6 HEV, Haval H6 PHEV, Haval JOLION HEV (It is called “Chulian” or “初恋” in Chinese), ORA Good Cat, etc. In addition, the ORA Good Cat GT and TANK 300 HEV concept car debuted in Thailand.

We learned that in February 2021, the GWM brand was officially launched in the Thai market. In the past year, Great Wall Motors has successfully introduced three new energy vehicles, Haval H6 HEV, Haval JOLION HEV and ORA Cat to the Thai market.

At this auto show, TANK 300 HEV concept car was unveiled. As an off-road hybrid SUV, TANK 300 HEV concept car is based on an intelligent off-road platform. It has multiple driving modes such as wading, rocks, sand, and sports. It is also equipped with a 2.0T+9HAT powertrain and features transparent chassis technology.

GWM said it will also launch a number of new energy models in the Thai market in 2022. At the same time, it will also expand and improve sales and charging service outlets. It is planned to expand to 80 sales and service outlets and 55 charging outlets.