Great Wall Motors Debuted Pao Series Pickup at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Great Wall Motors (GWM), which is famous with its SUV models, actually start up with pickup, the current Wingle 5(Fengjun 5 in China market), Wingle 6 (Fengjun 6 in China market) are the Chinese export NO.1 in overseas market. Now, It debuted a new P-series large pickup at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, it has a great Chinese name: “炮”, Chinese spelling: Pao, in English it means “cannon”…

The GWM Pao series pickup offers three variants: Passenger Pickup, Off-Road Pickup and Commercial Pickup. GWM Pao-series pickup is based on GWM’s brand-new P71 platform, It is the first product launched by the new platform. It has luxurious interior, ZF 8AT automatic transmission, new generation intelligent network connection system and multi-link rear suspension.

GWM Pao pickup will be in produced at GWM Chongqing Yongchuan factory, it is expected to be available in the second half of this year, price is not yet announced, we guess it will be between 100,000-200,000 yuan
(~US$14,475 – US$28,951) .

The front face of GWM Pao Passenger Pickup is equipped with a trapezoidal large-mouth air intake grille. The three-strip style chrome trim makes the front face more exaggerated. With a large and thick front bumper, the front face looks quite tough.

It is worth mentioning that Pao Passenger Pickup is China’s first pickup matched with ZF 8AT gearbox and multi-link rear suspension. It also features ACC adaptive cruise, automatic parking, steering wheel heating and automatic parking, remote control for start-up engine and air conditioner, fuel level detection and intelligent voice control system and many other comfort configurations.

For the interior, there is not too much tedious design, the horizontal and vertical lines have a rough and tough style, the color matching is more household. The shape of the electronic lever is similar to that of the Haval H9.

GWM Pao Off-Road Pickup: three differential lock, wading hose and winch

Front-middle-rear three differential locks comes to standard on Off-road Version, wading depth of 900mm, and equipped with wading, winch, off-road shock absorber, creep mode, tank U-turn and many other professional off-road configuration… for me It is said that Pao-series Off-road Pickup is more attractive.

In addition to the strong off-road gene, the design of the Off-road Pickup is the toughest during the three variants, a thick gray plaque in the middle of the grille, and the engine compartment cover is designed with black ridges to bring strong muscles sense. The Pao series Off-road Pickup is equipped with a black matte finish off-road kit, including blackened grille, wheel eyebrows and other components. The top of the wheel eyebrows is designed with exposed rivets to further enhance the toughness of the vehicle.

GWM Pao Commercial Pickup: Equipped with a truck cap, all-electric range reaches 310miles(500km).

Compared with the Pao Passenger Pickup and Off-Road Pickup, with a honeycomb-shaped grille design, the front face of the Commercial Pickup is more handsome, and the front bumper is more restrained. Truck cap comes to the standard configuration. In addition to the spring rear suspension, the Commercial Pickup also offers a multi-link rear suspension. The Commercial Pickup is a pure electric version, the range reached 310miles (500km), charging time is 2 hours.

GWM Pao series pickup is the high-end pickup from GWM, comparing to the Wingle 7 (size:509518001760mm), the width of Pao series is expected to be between 1830 to 1970mm, price range is expected to be between 100,000 to 200,000 yuan (~US$14,475 – US$28,951), power information has not yet disclosed yet.