Great Wall Motor Hover SUV Review and Test Drive – Summary


Great Wall Hover equip with pickup chassis, it is inherently a tough guy, a lot of harsh testing program is not his strong point

Great Wall Hover SUV seems it is unable to meet our rigorous testing session, it seems even more biased in favor of its daily use, outstanding ride comfort has also laid the foundation

When we face more complex road, the low-speed four-wheel drive can carry out its function

Hover SUV consecutive win the domestic sales champion for 3 years, it has a wide range of brand awareness and market influence, the new Hover SUV tested in this time is as a new generation model, not only inherited the Hover style, cross-border position, and also has full range of upgrades and optimization, quality assurance has been strongly improved, although many details still not satisfactory, but it is considered a “value for money” by compared with its competitive price.

Hover X240 Summary

Great Wall Hover SUV2.4 advantages and shortcomings

★ advantage
1, The large vehicle body creates a spacious interior
2, Stylish shape and rich configuration
3, Competitive price in compared with same class

★ shortcomings
1,  There are still many deficiencies in the details of interior design
2,  Low grade of materials on center console, there are design bugs on it;
3,  Storage space is not enough, many design problems still exist.

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