Great Wall Motor Hover SUV Review and Test Drive – Passenger Space


Hover X240 Space Effect Drawing

Room space’s problem does not appear on Hover SUV, 2.7m in wheelbase, 1.7m in height, the head space and leg space is too rick when sit down in the front seat after adjusted the position of the seat, and there is nothing suppress feeling.

Hover X240 rear row headroom and legroom space

Through the following diagram we can see that the test driver’s head is still very far from the roof in the normal sitting position ( our test driver’s height is1.8m). The backrest of rear seat is with gradient design, it achieves a good level of comfort. Unfortunately, there is no air-co air outlet designed for the rear row, it will probably be a problem in cooling in the hot summer.

Hover X240 Lumbar support knob, useful for the driver who often travels in long distance

Leather material seats enhance the grade of sense and handle feel, but due to the lower grade leather, it feels of lacking toughness, the good news is the seat can provide a good support, and also driver’s seat provides the lumbar support. It is very useful for people who often travel in long distance, it can effectively alleviate the long-distance driving fatigue.

It’s a surprise that we find out a electric direction adjustment function under the driver’s seat, but it does not actually have the up and down adjustment function while we are using, it is hard to understand why.

Hover X240 Rear seat can be absolutely used as a bed after put down.

The second row seats can be 4 / 6 folded forward, the operation is not so complicated. First raise up the cushion, then pack up headrest, just pull back the lock on top of the backrest, seat will be folded forward and flush with the floor, simple and convenient. After the rear seats folded flat, it will form a oversized luggage storage space as 1680mm × 1300mm × 950mm, and open angle is large enough to meet the needs of daily use.

Hover X240 Trunk Space

Roof rack is definitely a major highlight of Hover SUV. After opened the snaps on both sides, front and rear luggage rack can be free slid along the track to find the best position for luggage, it is absolute a very useful equipment for the friend who often travel.

Hover X240 Roof rack is movable, useful feature

Roof rack