Great Wall Motor Hover SUV Review and Test Drive – Braking Test


Hover SUV 100-0km / h Brake Performance Test

Hover X240 The soft suspension lead to the vehicle’s tail flying up, then the car obviously leans forward

Vehicle safety has been concerned by people in all time, as an independent brand CUV, Hover’s security configuration is relatively complete, dual airbags, ABS Energy-absorbing device column, and everything; In addition, the braking performance was equipped with front/rear disc brake.

Hover SUV Brake Test Line Graph

As in the previous acceleration test, Hover’s 0-100km / h acceleration distance is little too long, so in brake test session, we the set the starting point set at the most remote place of test site. While the rpm arrives in a certain speed, just release the clutch, depresses the accelerator pedal, which can in the shortest possible time Hover to 100 km / hour speed … …

Hover SUV Continuous Brake Work Condition Plan

Great Wall Hover SUV (X240) 2.4 Continuous Brake Work Condition Plan

The speed on dashboard at last reaches 100 km / h, we rapidly depresses the brake pedal, , ABS system is also active at the moment, due to soft suspension, the vehicle’s tail is flying up, after several continuous braking test, Hover’s final score of the braking distance is 47.69 meters, so exaggerated braking distance is really worrying.

In the braking distance test session, although there is no thermal decay, we can see from the following chart the brake condition, Hover’s braking distance from the first time is more than 52 meters, it has been considered as “poor”, while the best is 47.69 meters in the fourth, it is only “general”, from several subsequent tests even less satisfactory, once reached 50 meters. 47.69 m final braking performance evaluation can only be finished car to explore the last one of billboard.

The following is the noise test result while we are travelling on road:

Hover SUV Noise test result

Hover SUV Noise Test Result

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