Great Wall GWPERI 1.3 Review & Test Drive – The City Fairy (1)


New logo, 200 000 passenger cars production base has enabled, the Great Wall GWPERI and COWRY MPV offline – From an unknown town and township enterprises to today’s production capacity 400 000, 108 exporting countries and regions, profitable living forefront of the industry in Hong Kong listed company, Great Wall Motor‘s growth from China is presenting the race potential in the world automotive stage.

The Great Wall GWPERI, this fashion car which was full developed in accordance with international standards is a pleasant surprise from Great Wall Motors. ” a little bit of progress every day,” Steady progress, how a happiness and joyful thing it is!

Sporty lower grille, F1 style grill insert, V-style alar line, the upper protruding three-dimensional full drop type headlamps, wedge the sides was streamlined body is the first time people realize that this is a “smart agile little guy” In fact, the reason for headlamps using light separation distance is designed to expand the scope of lighting, as the same, “7”font rear lights also increased the display area to ensure the warning effect.

As the pickup and SUV markets its own brand of pioneers, the Great Wall Motors has never forgotten the dream of manufacturing their own cars, while the GWPERI is a pioneer model to achieve this dream. “Great Wall GWPERI” ‘s Chinese name is “Pixie”(manufacturer named GWPERI in English), is a global, fully designed and developed in accordance with international standards, the main market is for 20 to 40-year-old young consumers.

Apply the Great Wall Director of research and development expert’s words: “As the first cars of Great Wall Motor Products, Great Wall GWPERI absorbed international advanced shape design elements, every section is in accordance with  international standards and the art technology from the design, engineering design, engineering verification, prototype testing, performance and the engine development and so on , the R & D and improvement process of Great Wall GWPERI was arduous and long, it can be said as three years of a sword, during three years, the research specialist were making unremitting efforts to improve the quality and grade for Great Wall GWPERI every day. ”

Although positioned as a mini family car, apparently Great Wall Motors does not want the GWPERI to be too delicate, it is not difficult to find some traces of force from the elvish and fashion body style. Such as the large areas of protruding lines and roof rack in the middle of the engine cover, integrated front bumper is with the usual urban design elements CUV models from not only area but also the lines, small area of the mesh grill properly reduces the tough sense of the front face, enrich the sense of hierarchicy, but also timely recovers the cute sense of the vehicle.

Drop-shaped headlights exaggerated hold the face both sides to brings the center of the visual for the compact body, it is easy to instantly capture the eyes. The same reason as the smaller models, there will be a major turning point from GWPERI side line from column A smooth transition to the D column through the roof in order to ensure the vehicle rear passenger space, Suddenly-down line makes more ornamental for the tail of GWPERI, such as through the D pillar taillights and large rear windscreen, brings a broader perspective and the effect of night warning for drivers.

The appearance design of GWPERI gives people’s no longer the cute mini-trucks, and power dynamic is perhaps the best interpretation of GWPERI.

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