Great Wall GWPERI 1.3 Review & Test Drive – The City Fairy (3)


Although while I get started, the higher free location almost fake me out, later then the strong power quickly diluted suck feeling. The GWPEIRI’s seat back will continuously push my body while stamping on the pedal deeper and deeper, you will hardly imagine there is such a nice acceleration feeling in such a car.

The powerful torque begin to outbreak when GWPERI’s engine speed is beyond 2000r/min, the acceleration feeling will begin to slow down until the engine speed’s beyond 4000r/min, the speed can be almost up to 100km / h even it’s just in the 2nd tap position. If you shift in time, the speed rapidly increased to 140km / h, but later it begins to gradually slow down, then it takes time to accumulate from 140km / h to the limited speed 160km / h, When the speed reaches 160km / h, I suddenly realized that three adults were sit in our car.

High-speed cornering, GWPERI does not show the danger of lacking ability of griping, the application of hydraulic power steering system makes the vehicle control very flexible and stable. The suspension system adopts the former McPherson and vertical arm with torsion beam compound, even goes through continuous bumps, the performance even better than the other Great Wall model COWRY MPV , Although the vibration is more sustainable, obviously much smaller, the passengers will not feel too uncomfortable.

Side sway reduced a lot by the deliberately adjusted hard suspension while it’s turning, although this makes the sense of vibration slightly obvious, apparently increased cornering performance – as a domestic brand car, of course, comes up to China’s road conditions.

Considering the sake of a small car, Great Wall Motors put the safety performance of GWPERI on the primary design criteria, higher trim level models is configured with Bosch high-performance 8.0 version of the ABS + EBD, Active safety and protection is throughout the full range of models, high quality non- Smoke airbags can protect passengers very well when a collision happened. In addition, GWPERI’s engine uses the chip electronic security systems, car keys contain a response chip, and there is recognition of EFI password in the anti-theft system controller. The car can be get started only while the password get authenticated.

Great Wall Motors declared that GWPERI was done independently almost in the entire development process, accompanied by severe and rigorous from the beginning to the end. In the Great Wall Motor Vehicle Emission Test Center testing room, the Great Wall GWPERI was stood by the  environmental simulation system from -40 ℃ to 60 ℃ high temperature, extreme cold test, the vehicle capacity of high-temperature air conditioning, tape, paint temperature capabilities, ability of cold start of the performance has been repeated and get substantial improved in such a experiment.

Of course, the Great Wall has never been satisfied only in the test room, three high field experiments in Turpan, Xinjiang, Qinghai Golmud, Heilongjiang Heihe are indispensable for GWPERI, or even Australia, Africa also became a testing ground for the Great Wall GWPERI‘s goal, the Great Wall GWPERI is ready to export to such a extremely area of Russia, and also the high temperature country such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia and etc.

Clearly, Great Wall Motors will not give up the larger overseas markets, with HAVER‘s foreshadowing, GWPERI will export natural., look at configuration and the Great Wall Motors ‘s reputation in many years, I believe GWPERI will continue HAVER’s hot sale, continued success of a Great Wall’s new sales myth.

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Great Wall GWPERI 1.3 Review & Test Drive – The City Fairy (1)

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