GAC Trumpchi GS8 Review – Front & Rear Crash Beam Teardown


Speaking of Trumpchi GS8 driving experience is still quite good, interior is very luxury! Then, how is the workmanship and material as well as the structural design? Let’s take a look, first we will have a review of the crash beam:

Front and rear crash beams: It is very strong and protected the water tank but sacrificed the intercooler

When we removed the front bumper, we found that the design of the front crash beam is quite regular, even better than some joint venture brands. The front bumper reinforcement structure adopts bumper absorber foam + steel crash beam, which is also the mainstream design at present. Compared with the Honda Avancier (A mid-to-large size China-only SUV model, similar to Honda Pilot in US market), it is much better to Honda Avancier which doesn’t have the bumper absorber!

Chuanqi GS8’s front crash beam is still quite good, although the thickness of the steel plate is not thick, it’s about 2mm, but the structure of the crash beam is good, the bow-type design has a good energy absorbing effect. Moreover, the collapse space between the front crash beam and the water tank is also relatively large, the structure is reasonable.

The length of the front crash beam is somewhat shorter, the extension of the two ends is not enough. The crash beam will not play any protective role if a side angle impact accident occurs.

In addition, although there is a large collapse space between the crash beam and the water tank, the distance between the crash beam and the turbocharge intercooler is very close, the intercooler must be damaged if collision occurs, while front crash beam protects the water tank well.

Rear crash beam: mall and thin single-layer stamped steel plate

We found that the harness plug inside the bumper is too much, make it difficult to dismantle.

Let’s take a look at the rear crash beam. Compared with the thick crash beam in front, the size of the rear crash beam is like a “small toy”! Not only is the size small, but the width is also much narrow, the thickness of the steel plate is only about 1.5mm, it is a single-layer stamped steel plate, it can be said that the materials used for the front and rear crash beams are really different.

In addition, since Trumpchi GS8 is 7-seat layout, the GS8’s spare tire is placed on the bottom of the vehicle for the compromise of the interior space, and the position is close to the rear crash beam, then the spare tire may play a certain “buffering” effect if there is a slight collision,.

Summary: bad design ruined good materials

It is still quite good and commendable if only talk about the material and process of the front crash beam, but the rear crash beam is really “cute”, I do not know such crash beam is used for anti-collision or…

In fact, these designs are all from the perspective of cost savings, this is understandable. After all, manufacturers have to make money. We will continue to talk in the next program regarding the workmanship of the GS8 chassis and suspension materials.