Jeep Commander will Release PHEV model in China Market


Today, Jeep officially released the Jeep Commander PHEV model information in Shanghai. According to official data, Jeep Commander PHEV will use the GME-T4 2.0T turbocharged engine, the gearbox will be equipped with two permanent magnet synchronous motors, one of which has peak torque of 117Nm and peak power of 66kW, while the peak torque of the second motor is 315 Nm, peak power of 89 kW.

The gearbox will distribute the power from both engine and motor through the dual motor electric drive transmission, as same mode as Chrysler Grand Voyager. According to the official, the fuel consumption of Jeep Commander PHEV will not be higher than 1.7L/100km, the comprehensive crusing range will be greater than 900km.

Current Jeep Commander Interior

Jeep Commander PHEV measuring 4873/1892/1738mm, wheelbase is 2800mm. Jeep Commander PHEV is positioned in five-seat medium-sized SUV. The appearance of Jeep commander plug-in hybrid version is basically not much different from the fuel version, only the word “PHEV” on the tail proves it is an PHEV version. It is reported that there is not much change in the interior, basically maintaining the style of fuel version

Jeep Commander becomes a China-only model, Jeep has stopped producing Jeep Commander since 2010, there is also a 7-seat Grand Commander available in China market, it was said Jeep would bring back Jeep Grand Commander to US market later. Jeep Commander is made by GAC FCA (GAC Group & FIAT CHRYSLER Automobiles) in China market.

Since the introduction of the new energy policy in China, GAC-Fiat Chrysler has gradually paid attention to new energy vehicles and shifted its production capacity to JEEP brand new energy vehicles. New energy has become the focus of Jeep’s development in the next five years in China market. It is reported that Jeep will launch four plug-in hybrid models and four pure electric models by 2022.