GAC debuts its first right-hand drive car in Malaysia


We learned from officials that GAC MOTOR (GAC Trumpchi’s international company)’s first right-hand drive model, the right-hand drive version GS3 (Trumpchi GS3 in the Chinese market), was mass-produced and launched in Malaysia on December 28. This move also marks that GAC MOTOR has officially entered the overseas right hand drive vehicle market.

In addition, GAC MOTOR’s brand showroom in the center of Kuala Lumpur also officially opened. After the exhibition hall is put into operation, WTCA, the exclusive local distributor of GAC MOTOR, will gradually increase the brand awareness of Guangzhou Automobile in the local area, fully maintain customer satisfaction, improve the local retail network, and use the WTCA parent company Tan Chong Group’s five factories in ASEAN countries to accelerate the localized production of related models.

According to the development plan, GAC MOTOR plans to enter the local market in the form of CBU at the initial stage, accumulate market operation experience, expand brand awareness, accumulate brand and product reputation, and create favorable conditions for subsequent CKD introduction models. While the local CKD project is advancing, it is also simultaneously exploring the possibility of travel service cooperation in Southeast Asia, providing travel service vehicles for Southeast Asian countries, fully exploring the Southeast Asian right-hand drive market, and further improving the overseas market of GAC MOTOR.