EVERUS VE-1 EV Is the Badge-Engineered Hongda VEZEL


Pure electric vehicle is the development direction of China auto market, compared with Chinese independent brands, joint venture brands are late in development, there is few mature products in the market. GAC-Honda listed a pure electric SUV at the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show – the EVERUS VE-1 Concept, it will be officially delivered in the third quarter 2019.

EVERUS VE-1 is an all-electric SUV based on Honda VEZEL and Honda’s compact SUV platform. It has announced price of 225,800 yuan, price after subsidies will be 170,800 yuan in China market.

From the application information, EVERUS VE-1 has length, width and height of 4308/1824/1625mm, which is slightly larger than Honda VEZEL, but the wheelbase keep the same 2610mm. EVERUS VE-1 uses a drive motor code-named TZ220XSBT1 with maximum power of 120kW and top speed of 140km/h. Curb weight:1571kg/ 1581kg 1615kg.

Charging port is behind the front badge, featuring two charging mode

The brand EVERUS is the self-owned brand released by GAC-Honda on April 20, 2008 in China. GAC-Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. (referred to as GAC-Honda) was established on July 1, 1998. It is a joint venture company jointly established by Guangzhou Automobile Group Corporation (GAC) and Japan Honda Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., each of which holds 50% of the shares.

EVERUS can be considered a Chinese vehicle brand that released by GAC-HONDA, EVERUS products will be only available in China market. EVERUS uses “the same quality, technology synchronization, service network”, consumers of both HONDA and EVERUS brands can enjoy the same technology, quality and service.

EVERUS VE-1 is a pure electric small SUV model based on Honda VEZEL. Although VE-1 has redesigned many parts on details, it still can see the foundation of Honda VEZEL. But it seems that the appearance of VE-1 is sportier. Take its front face, because the charging port is installed under the front badge, VE-1 is redesigned in the grille, the front bumper is replaced by a larger big mouth, the headlights and fog lights have also been redesigned to highlight its electrical properties.

In the interior design, EVERUS VE-1 is almost identical to VEZEL, but in order to highlight the technical sense of the electric car, some details have been adjusted, the blue decorative strip is added, and the instrument panel design is also very dynamic. Although EVERUS LOGO is replaced in the center of the steering wheel, it is identical in other designs and layouts.

EVERUS VE-1 is powered by a motor with maximum power of 120 kW(160hp) and peak torque of 280 Nm. It uses lithium-ion power battery. The pre-launched model has a comprehensive cruising range of only 211miles(340 km), which is no advantage compared with competing players. Recently, we learned that the EVERUS EV-1 will also launch a “long range version” with comprehensive range of 249miles(401km).