2020 GAC Trumpchi GA8 Debuted on 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show


At the 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show, the 2020 GAC Trumpchi GA8 debuted. Although the official details of the new car have not been released, we can see that the design of the new car has been adjusted. According to the information obtained by China MIIT, the new car will be replaced with a 4B20J1 high-power 2.0T engine.

In terms of appearance design, the shape of the new Trumpchi GA8 has changed greatly compared to the current models on sale. The front face has been completely redesigned. The large-mouth air intake uses a large number of horizontal chrome decorations inside, and the front surrounds The design resembles a pair of “fangs”, and the shape of the lamp group is more sharp.

In terms of body size, 2020 GAC Trumpchin GA8 has a length, width, height of 5003/1868/1505 (1520) mm and a wheelbase of 2900 mm. The height will vary depending on whether a shark fin antenna is installed. Compared with the current model, the wheelbase of the new car is reduced by 7mm, and the body is also slightly narrower. In contrast, the taillight group uses a new LED light source design, which has a better visual effect.

The new Trumpchi GA8 has also been greatly adjusted in the interior style. The instrument panel uses a one-piece screen design. The shape of the T-shaped center console area is also simpler. The physical control keys designed with silver texture piano keys have added a bit of luxury attributes, combined with the leather interior, further enhance the high-end feel of the new car.

In terms of power, the new Trumpchi GA8 is expected to be powered by a 4B20J1 2.0T high-power engine with maximum power of 252 horsepower and peak torque of 390 N · m. We speculate that the new car will match an 8-speed automatic transmission. For more information about the new car, we need to wait for the official announcement of the details and parameters of the new car.