FAW SENIA Brand to Launch a New SUV SENIA R8 Based on the Current R7


The sub-brand SENIA from FAW Jilin Automobile is going to launch a new SUV model – SENIA R8, the new SUV will be ready in market on June 2019. The new car was released in January 2019, based on SENIA R7, but it was redesigned for the exterior and interior, configuration and internal materials are also upgraded.

FAW SENIA R8 features a new U-shaped front face, which is filled with black honeycomb grille, the upper and lower borders are decorated with chrome trim, integrated with the new style of LED headlights on both sides. The fog lamps on both sides are also changed to L-shaped style. Overall, the front face of the SENIA R8 is more technical and sporty than the R7.

In the rear part, SENIA R8 retains the design of the R7 as a whole, modifying only the taillights and rear bracketing. The tail logo is replaced by its English name “SENIA”.

Compared to the exterior, SENIA R8 has a greater change in the interior. The center console of SENIA R8 was redesigned. The air conditioning vent of the new car was changed to a horizontal arrangement. In addition, the air-conditioning control panel, the instrument panel with large LCD screen, the leather multi-function steering wheel, the front passenger front panel, the handlebar and the control area around the block have been fully upgraded to create a stronger texture. In terms of configuration, SENIA R8 provides electronic handbrake, one-button start, panoramic sunroof, car networking system.

In terms of power, SENIA R8 is powered by 1.6Liter and 1.5Liter turbo engines, the same as SENIA R7. The 1.6L engine has a maximum power of 85kW and a peak torque of 155Nm. The 1.5 Liter turbocharged engine has a maximum power of 110kW and a peak torque of 220Nm. It is expected to match a 5MT or 6AT gearbox.

Body size of SENIA R8 is 4344×1773×1674mm, wheelbase is 2600mm, it is a compact SUV which is slightly larger than the SENIA R7, but the wheelbase remains the same.