FAW Senia R8 Is Ready in China Market, A facelift of Senia R7


The FAW-Senia (FAW-Jilin or Senya) brand is not well-known in China, but it is still heard in third- and fourth-tier cities. In fact, there are many models under its brand, sedans, pickups, minivans, anyway, all of them are the past things.

At present, there are two main models in FAW-Senia family. One is the Senia R7, which is positioned as a small SUV, and the other is the Senia R9, which is positioned as a compact SUV. The upcoming new model Senia R8 is also positioned as a small SUV.

Recently, we learned from the official that FAW Senia R8 is officially listed. The new car launched a total of 4 models, with a guide price range of 74,900 to 99,900 yuan, the new car is mainly redesigned for the appearance and interior, while the trim level and internal materials have been significantly upgraded.

Senia R8 is actually based on Senia R7. In terms of body size, the measurements of Senia R8 are 4344/1773 / 1674mm and the wheelbase is 2600mm. Compared with the younger brother Senia R7, there are only slight changes, and the wheelbase is completely the same. In terms of power, the new car offers 1.6L / 1.5T two engines, with a maximum power of 116 hp and 150 hp, respectively, which is matched with a 5MT or 6-speed AT transmission, which is completely consistent with Senya R7.

Released a new model with the same the body size and powertrain as the previous model, it is really confused us, Senia R8 seems just a facelift ofR7.

Fortunately, compared to the Senia R7, the new car Senia R8 has been adjusted to varying degrees in the appearance and interior.

The biggest change is in the interior part. The T-shaped center console plus the floating center control screen, plus the full LCD display instrument panel, compared to Senia R7, the new car has created a full range of technology in the interior. In terms of configuration, the new car provides configurations such as electronic handbrake, one-button start, panoramic sunroof, Yijia Zhilian 3.0 car networking system.