WM Motor Released L2-Level Living Pilot Smart Driving System, to be Carried on 2019 EX5

WM Motor Released L2-Level Living Pilot Smart Driving System, to be Carried on 2019 EX5

After the financing war and range mileage competition, the new generation Chinese auto makers are entering the battle for smart driving. In terms of the classification of autonomous driving by the American Automotive Engineering Society, the main models of many joint venture brands in China market have gradually realized the L2 primary level in 2018. It is expected that the intelligent configuration of the L2 level will be popularized in mainstream models in 2019.

WM Motor Released L2-Level Living Pilot Smart Driving System, to be Carried on 2019 EX5

On March 27th, WM(WELTMEISTER) Motor took the lead in the release of the Living Pilot Assistant System in China’s Science and Technology City – Mianyang, Sichuan.

The Living Pilot system released by WM Motor is an L2-class automatic driving system, meanwhile WM Motor had a real car demonstration on the open road in Mianyang city.

Developed by WM Motor and Bosch, the core hardware of the Living Pilot, including a front-mounted monocular HD camera, three millimeter-wave radars, four panoramic cameras and twelve ultrasonic radars, based on a cumulative 8 million kilometers, more than 100,000 hours of road test and verification data, a large number of actual road and scene tests.

The Living Pilot features TJP – Traffic Jam Pilot, ICA – integrated cruise assistance system, APA – automatic parking assistance as well as ACCA – adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, AEB – automatic emergency braking, LKA lane keeping assistance and other L1 level functions.

The core control of WM motor’s intelligent driving system is mainly reflected in the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel.

WM Motor Released L2-Level Living Pilot Smart Driving System, to be Carried on 2019 EX5

The most practical is the adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go feature, Bosch’s fourth-generation ACCA feature. This function is combined with adaptive cruising and automatic emergency braking function, so that a car can achieve semi-automatic driving on urban roads and highways, that is, driver can gently put his hands on the steering wheel and feet can leave the accelerator to achieve relatively easy driving.

The biggest difference compared to Tesla is that these buttons need to be combined to achieve the ACCA function, comparing with Tesla, only one lever is needed, it can take a while to learn.

About WM EX5

EX5 is the first EV released by WM Motor in 2018. WM EX5 is the first full-car interactive pure electric SUV, it features 12.3-inch interactive full LCD digital meter, 12.8-inch floating intelligent rotating screen, central “i-Control” control panel, as well as other innovative intelligent interaction design such as hidden door handle, floating intelligent rotary screen, intelligent lighting front logo, etc., making WM EX5 win the 2018 iF design award, which is known as the Oscar in automotive industry.

The high-integration electric drive system on WM EX5 is economical, it can calculate the vehicle’s matching ability, as well as calculating the drive system demand according to vehicle performance target. Max. power of EX5 is 160kW, peak torque of 315 N·m. The total torque response time is less than 200 milliseconds, it claimed a 0-100km/h time less then 8.5s.

There are 3 variants for WM EX5 to cover different range from 186miles – 285miles(300km-460km) under NEDC. The price of 2018 WM EX5 starts from 186,500 to 298,800 yuan (~USD27,835 – USD44,597) before subsidy, price after subsidy is 112,300-216,300 yuan (~USD16,761 – USD32,283) . This Living Pilot system will appear on the upcoming 2019 EX5.