WM Motor EVOLVE is about to roll off the line with AVP function


Recently, WM Motor founder, chairman and CEO Shen Hui stated on Weibo that the new car with AVP (AutoValetParking) function jointly created by WM Motor and Baidu will soon be off the assembly line. According to previous news, this new car is expected to be named WM EVOLVE and will be listed in 2021.

This new car has been officially unveiled during the “2020 Apollo Ecological Conference”. It adopts a brand-new design and the shape of the front light group is highly recognizable.

The biggest highlight of this car is the “Cloud AVP”, which can realize L4 level conditional autonomous driving in specific scenarios. To put it more bluntly, the car can be automatically parked in a specific parking lot, that is, the user only needs to park the car at the entrance of the parking lot, and the car can automatically drive into the parking lot under unmanned conditions, find parking space and park in the parking lot..

Of course, this is inseparable from the deep cooperation between WM Motor and Baidu Apollo. As early as 2017, Baidu invested 1 billion yuan in WM Motor. In the second half of this year, WM Motor announced the completion of a D round of financing totaling 10 billion yuan, and Baidu’s follow-up investment was also included.

2021 is destined to be full of challenges for many new Chinese EV startups. The listing of Model Y detonated the entire market on the first day of 2021. Faced with the impact of Tesla, Chinese brands need to show more highlights on their products, and WM EVOLVE’s AVP function is a relatively advanced and topical highlight.