WM Motor M7 official photos: to launch WM Tech Day in May 2022


WM Motor released a set of official pictures of its new M7 sedan. WM Motor is an automotive manufacturer based on China’s Shanghai. The electric brand is known as Weltmeister globally. Major Chinese giants like Baidu and Tencent have invested in the brand. Comparing the new photos with the M7 unveiled last year, there are three “bumps” on the top of the new car’s head. These are for the camera, and the radar area has been adjusted to be more suitable for integration with the vehicle. It is reported that the new model will be launched at the WM Tech Day 2022, which is scheduled to take place in May 2022.

WM Motor M7 Design!

The WM M7 is based on the design of the Weimar Maven concept car. The outline of the whole vehicle is very smooth. It can be seen that the shape of the headlights is also highly consistent with the concept car. Further, the slender body also extends backward. The shape of the taillights is also the outline of a slender strip. It maintains a similar design to the front of the car, echoing the front and rear.

According to the feedback from users and public opinion on the previous M7 model, WM Motor has carried out a new round of upgrades to the roof of the new M7 model. It sports the latest generation of RoboSense’s solid-state lidar M1 and is located in the middle of the roof. In order to optimize the contour effect, the WM Motor design team has redesigned the roof’s “unicorn” style lidar shape. They have also redesigned other sensor designs to ensure the best performance. Based on the imaging effect, the influence of wind resistance is minimized. So that the lidar and the body are integrated and more coordinated.

In terms of intelligent driving, it can be seen that the M7 is equipped with a total of 32 sensors. These sensors include 3 autonomous zoom high-precision super-vision solid-state lidars and 7 8MP high-definition cameras. The same can build the surrounding environment in real-time. Further, it sports 4 NVIDIA Orin -X chips which bring 1016 TOPS computing power. It will help the vehicle to do autonomous driving properly and cope with extreme scenarios.

WM Motor M7 Interior!

To adopt the era of autonomous driving, WM M7 adopts a “zero-button” cockpit design. It simplifies the steps for users to interact with the car. The touch shift design integrated into the steering wheel brings the driver a faster and safer operating experience. The i-Rota dial is designed in an avant-garde minimalist style. According to the scene, it can intelligently adapt to interesting content such as pictures, emoticons, symbols, etc. The simple operation of “press, pull, and rotate” can realize many functions such as song switching and temperature adjustment.

WM Motor M7 Power!

In terms of power, according to previous news, the WM Motor M7 will be featuring WM Motor’s third-generation Living Motion three-electric energy system. It can control the power consumption per 100 kilometers by 14kWh/100km. Further, the NEDC comprehensive cruising range will be greater than 700km. We will continue updating you about the vehicle in the future. So, please do stay connected with us.