China’s WM Motor Completed L3 Automatic Driving Function Road Test


Judging from the information currently available in report, the vehicle that performs the L3 level autopilot function test is WM EX5. the test vehicle can realize the autonomous determination and perform the functions such as lane change automatically in the actual measurement of the open highway, the test vehicle can also make corresponding treatments in time when the vehicle in the adjacent lanes have the intention of changing lanes. According to media, the L3 autopilot function will be mass-produced on the new platform products of WM Motor in 2020.

According to China medias report, WELTMEISTER (WM) Motor completed the road test of the L3 automatic driving function at the expressway in Chengdu at the end of July.

In fact, as early as March of this year, WM Motor has released its auto-driving function called “Living Pilot”, which has been mass-produced and equipped on WM EX5. It is reported that Living Pilot can realize ACCA with stop-and-go function adaptive cruise, ICA(high-speed cruise lane keeping assistance), AEB (automatic emergency braking) and other functions, which can realize true L2 level automatic driving function.

At CES Asia in June this year, WM Motor also released an automatic driving function called Valet Parking. The self-driving car equipped with this function can realize remote pick-up & return, autonomous parking, low-speed automatic driving, automatic charging, etc. through the mobile terminal. The successful road test of the L3 level autopilot function means that the WM Motor goes further from the L3 level autopilot function.