Skyworth Published All-New HT-i Model & New-gen EV6, Powered by BYD’s Hybrid Engine


Many Chinese non-traditional car maker have entered the field of new energy vehicles, such as the mobile phone leading company Xiaomi, the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande created Hengchi Auto, etc. Now, one of the giant Skyworth from the electrical industry come again with its new EV. Recently, Skyworth (Skywell in international market) released the official picture of 2nd EV Skyworth HT-i. It is reported that the new car will start pre-sale in April and will be launched on August 28. Previously, the company’s first pure electric SUV, the EV6 (They call is “Skyewell ET5” in international market) is already on sale.

Skyworth HT-i

In terms of design, the new car features a similar design to Skyworth EV6 (Skywell ET5), but the front grille is more simple. It is worth mentioning that its grille shape is somewhat similar to Changan UNI-T, and the visual effect is very outstanding, and the official calls it “gravitational wave” aesthetics.

In terms of power, the new car will be powered by a high-efficiency 1.5L Xiaoyun engine specially used for plug-in hybrid model, it has a thermal efficiency of 43.04%, a peak power of 81kW, and a peak torque of 135N m. At the same time, it uses an EHS electric hybrid system powertrain, which can achieve a pure electric battery life of 200km. As for the total battery life, it can reach an astonishing 1267km.

Actually the 1.5L engine and EHS powertrain come from BYD Auto, it is called “DM-i” in BYD’s vehicles, this engine has been powered on BYD SONG Pro DM-i, SONG PLUS DM-i, QIN PLUS DM-i, as well as new-gen TANG DM-i and the newly-released Destroyer 05.

New-gen Skyworth EV6 (ET5)

In addition to Skyworth HT-i, it also released an EV6 model, whose design style is similar to the hybrid version, only the lower part is different.

The side and rear of the new EV6 are basically the same as the current model. The side is a stable SUV design style, and the rear is a popular bar-type taillight. The interior is also inlaid with the name “Skyworth”, which is highly recognizable after lighting.

There is no news about the power, the official only announced the comprehensive cruising range of 620km. For the latest news about the car, please pay attention to the follow-up reports.