SKYWORTH Finally Announced Price for Skywell HT-i and EV6


On April 27, Skyworth Auto, a Chinese auto manufacturer based in Nanjing, launched two new models. The brand has been operating since 2017 and belongs to the Chinese company Skywell which is in partnership with Skyworth Group. The models which are launched today are the Skyworth HT-i and Skyworth EV6. Both the vehicles are available for pre-sale now. Among them, the pre-sale price of the all-new Skyworth HT-i ranges between 149,800 and 199,800 Yuan. 

At the same time, the pricing of the new EV6 is between 199,800 to 272,800 yuan. The deliveries for the HT-i will start on August 30, 2022, and on June 30 for the new EV6. It is worth mentioning that the Skyworth HT-i will be featuring the DM-i plug-in hybrid system from BYD. It also has a pure electric cruising range of 200 km and a comprehensive cruising range of 1,267 km. The pricing of Skyworth EV6 Standard Edition starts at 199,800, Smart Edition at 225,800, and the PRO version at 272,800.

Skyworth HT-i

The latest Skyworth HT-i adopts a new design. The brand officially calls “gravitational wave” aesthetics. Specifically, the new car adopts a closed front grille, with headlights that tend to be straight on both sides. It also gets a lower through-type air intake, making it look very dynamic.

The design of its body on the sides and tail is not much different from the current Skyworth EV6. On the sides, the body has a typical urban SUV design. It is more inclined to a stable style, and the tail shape is round. The vehicle has a complete design with a strong three-dimensional sense and adopts the current famous through-type taillights. At the same time, the taillights are also inlaid with the English name of the brand.

Skyworth HT-I Interior!

The interior is designed with a sense of technology and grade as the central theme. The combination of colors, decorative parts, and materials gives people a stable but fashionable feeling. It has an interior atmosphere that is created quite well. The center console of the Skyworth HT-i adopts a symmetrical layout, with a strong sense of hierarchy and clear functional areas. The large-size full LCD instrument panel, the large center control screen, and the shift knob are the source of the sense of technology in the car.

Skyworth HT-I Power!

In terms of power, the Skyworth HT-i will be featuring a 1.5L high-efficiency engine dedicated to the Xiaoyun-plug-in hybrid. It has a thermal efficiency of 43.04% and a maximum power of 81kW. It also has a maximum torque of 135 Nm. Further, the comprehensive cruising range is 1267 km, and fuel consumption is as low as 5.3L per 100 km.

Skyworth EV6    

As said above, the brand also released a new vehicle along with the HT-I dubbed Skyworth EV6. The appearance of the car is based on the modified front face design of the current model. In other words, its exterior design is roughly the same as the current model. As said, there is a big difference only in the front face. Compared with the current model, the new front face design of the new Skyworth EV6 is more straightforward and more avant-garde.

It is more in line with its own pure electric vehicle status. But after careful comparison, it is not difficult to find that its front face is actually very similar to that of the Skyworth HT-i. The difference lies in whether there is a central grille. At the same time, all other front face details are precisely the same in design.

More about Skyworth EV6!

The side and rear of the new Skyworth EV6 are basically the same as the current model. The sides of the vehicle adopt a stable SUV design style. While on the rear, it features the popular through-type taillight. The interior is also inlaid with the brand’s English name. The same is highly recognizable after lighting.       

As of now, there is no news about the power. The brand has only officially announced that the maximum mileage, i.e., the comprehensive cruising range, is 620 km. Stay tuned with us for more updates in the future, i.e., we will be updating about the vehicle in the future.

More about the new cars, their background and competitors

Skyworth HT-i is a medium-sized plug-in hybrid SUV with a wheelbase of 2800mm. Most of the competitors in this market are plug-in hybrid models of Chinese brands. They all possess unique skills, and various DHT technologies are in full bloom. Among them, Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+, BYD family, and Changan UNI-K are the new energy vehicles that we can theoretically compete with it. However, Skyworth’s brand power and popularity are not as good as those of the brands as mentioned earlier. BYD’s DM-i system adds a lot to Skyworth’s HT-i and helps it break into the market.