SKYWELL HT-i officially launched, priced at 146,800-242,800 yuan


On September 5, Skywell HT-i was officially launched, with a total of 7 models, priced at 146,800-242,800 yuan. As the second mass-produced model from Skyworth, Skywell HT-i adopts plug-in hybrid system.

In addition, at the press conference, Skywell also officially announced the 2314 strategy. “2” stands for pure electric and hybrid drives, and “3” stands for BE, CE (the first model will be launched in 2025), and AE new energy passenger car platform, “14” means that 14 new products will be launched. At the same time, in the future, it will also realize self-developed technologies such as wire-controlled chassis and intelligent cockpit, as well as Skywell’s automotive technology ecosystem. And said that the 2023 sales target will be locked in the milestone of 100,000 units.

In terms of appearance, the outline of the new car basically continues the design of Skywell EV6, but the front face adopts the design concept of “gravitational wave” aesthetics, and the semi-closed grille can be well distinguished from Skywell EV6. Laser headlights are used on both sides, official says that the farthest irradiation distance can reach 500 meters.

The side of the body is consistent with the Skywell EV6, and the straight waistline runs from the head of the car to the rear, and is connected to the front and rear lights. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Skywell HT-i are 469819081696mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm.

The rear of the car follows a simple design route without too many complicated design elements. The bar-type taillights are equipped with Skywell badge, and the use of a large number of horizontal lines also increases the visual width of the rear of the car. The rear fog lights are placed on both sides of the rear bumper, and the exhaust is hidden, so that the overall tail is consistent with the pure electric EV6.

In terms of interior styling, Skywell HT-i adopts a concise and lively design style. A large number of horizontal lines make the interior very layered. The combination of 12.3-inch full LCD instrument + 12.8-inch floating central control screen is matched with three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel and the knob-type electronic shifting mechanism create a good technological atmosphere.

The car is equipped with the SKYLINK system, which can provide functions such as intelligent remote control, in-vehicle wifi hotspot, and AI voice control of the whole car. It also provides free 5G/monthly data for life. In addition, the SKYLINK system can also operate smart appliances at home in the car, and view vehicle information such as vehicle doors, window status, battery power, and battery life through the smart TV at home. The new car uses a suede + leather stitching design, which is delicate to the touch, and the seat cushion is relatively soft. In addition to supporting multi-directional point dynamic adjustment, it also supports heating and ventilation.

In terms of power, Skywell HT-i is powered by a 1.5L high-efficiency engine dedicated to the Xiaoyun-plug-in hybrid system (it is actually the BYD DM-i systerm), with a thermal efficiency of 43.04%, a maximum power of 81kW (110 horsepower), and a maximum torque of 135Nm. The battery pack capacity is 36.13kWh (it is not the BYD blade battery), and it can have a pure electric range of up to 200km. It supports fast and slow charging. The comprehensive range reaches 1267km, and the minimum fuel consumption is as low as 5.3L/100km/h.