This is Dongfeng-Fengshen AX7 FCV Unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Dongfeng-Fengshen (Aeolus) AX7 FCV is another variant of AX7, AX7 FCV will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell power system to generate power for its motor.

In terms of appearance, Fengshen AX7 FCV maintains the design of the fuel model, there is no obvious difference in appearance. Fengshen AX7 FCV uses blue decoration in the exterior, fox example the blue car logo to highlight the special identity of its new energy vehicle. It also labeled as FCV at rear end.

The new car also features a transparent bonnet that allows direct access to internal power components. In terms of size, the new car has a length, width and height of 4645/1880/1690mm and a wheelbase of 2715mm, which is exactly the same as the fuel version.

Fengshen AX7 FCV is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell power system, including a hydrogen fuel cell and an electric drive system. The former relies on hydrogen as “fuel” to generate electricity by electrochemical reaction with oxygen in the air, thereby providing electricity to the electric drive system, while emissions are only water. At present, the power parameters of Fengshen AX7 FCV are still unknown, we will continue to pay attention.