Dongfeng to Launch Fengshen eπ Production Version, Another Electric Coupe from China Vehicle Maker


A few days ago, we learned from the official that Dongfeng Fengshen(Aeolus)’s first production model based on the previously released concept coupe “eπ” will be officially released on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. The front face of Dongfeng eπ is very sporty, the headlights inside the lamp group use three independent light sources. In the power section, the new car might be powered by hybrid and pure electric.

Previously, the Dongfeng eπ concept car debuted on 2018 Beijing Auto Show.

Fengshen eπ is a new energy concept style coupe integrating various technologies independently developed by Dongfeng. With the ideas of “Quality, Intelligence and Joy”, eπ incarnates its pamper imagination to future life and attention to the psychology of users. e stands for electrical, as a new energy; π stands for Pi, which never ends and never settles into a permanent repeating pattern, representing the infinite possibilities of the future.

eπ is no longer a simple means of transportation, but an “intelligent” partner able to communicate with human. Its advanced intelligent system makes each intimate contact between human and machine from afar to the nearby lie in a joyful mode with different lighting effects or communication statuses. eπ provides users with a “connected” smart city, by which users can get access to the optimal route planning, remote doctor seeing, real-time interaction with family members and assisted real-time attention to hotpots along the road, etc. And by virtue of the real-time interconnection and positioning between vehicle and user, and the automatic greeting technology, user can realize a convenient and rapid immediate trip. The pure electricity-driven eπ can endure at least 500km when charged for 15 minutes via the “electrification” sharing platform; while the PHEV-driven eπ can endure 1,000km; hub motors at four wheels bring about better bearing space and hands-on fun; and, it can be accelerated to a hundred kilometers per hour in less than 4 seconds. Its low-decibel motor system provides peaceful experience. With a “sharing” platform solution, eπ is able to realize urban dynamic information sharing and individualized configuration sharing, thus fulfilling the idea of green and environmental travel.

The introduction of Fengshen eπ from dongfeng offical website
About Dongfeng Fengshen

Dongfeng Fengshen(Aeolus) is an automobile marque owned by the Chinese automaker Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, a division of Dongfeng Motor Group. The brand was launched in July 2009 using the Fengshen name, and was later renamed to Aeolus as the English name, while the Chinese name remained the same (Chinese: 风神; pinyin: Fēngshén).

Some of its products are base on those of PSA Peugeot Citroën, such as Fengshen L60, launched by Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën in 2015.