Dongfeng New Brand’s First EV NAMMI 01 Made Debut


Recently, the Dongfeng NAMMI 01 made its debut, positioned as a small pure electric vehicle, which will be launched within this year. As an all-new electric vehicle brand under Dongfeng Company, Dongfeng NAMMI focuses on the small electric vehicle market. Dongfeng NAMMI 01 is user centered and built on user collaboration, born into a brand new electric architecture.

In terms of appearance, NAMMI 01 uses the Dongfeng badge on the front end, with a bar-type light group design. The irregular front headlight group has its own characteristics, and the daytime running lights are in a C-type design. The new car omits the grille design, and a through type air intake is used below and a fan-shaped decoration is added. The overall design of the front face is simple, and it is expected that this design will also become the brand’s family style design style.

On the side of the car, the new car adopts a floating roof design, with the roof and body designed in different colors. The new car adopts a four-door layout, with a short front and rear suspension body design, and is equipped with hidden door handles, low drag wheels, etc.

The rear of the vehicle looks exquisite like a miniature car, with round tail lights that look quite cute. The rear of the car is equipped with a large-sized rear window, providing a good view. The entire tailgate also adopts a dual color design, with brand’s English logo in the center.

In terms of interior design, the overall upgrade of the new car is simple, with no more physical buttons besides a full LCD screen and a floating central control screen, creating a technological atmosphere to some extent. The interior of the car is decorated with a large number of diamond patterns, giving the new car a certain sense of luxury. The car is paired with a dual spoke steering wheel and features a dual color scheme. The new car has an intelligent cockpit, which allows for the use of voice commands to control the car as much as possible. In addition, the seats in the car can be “flattened with one click”, transforming them into a “double bed”. The new car also adopts frameless doors, and the glove box with a pull-down drawer is also quite interesting.

In terms of power, from the actual photos, it can be seen that the new car will be equipped with fast charging function. In addition, the new car will also support external discharge function, enriching the driving scenarios. In terms of driving assistance system, the new car will also be equipped with ADAS L2 level intelligent driving assistance and FAP automatic parking function.