Dongfeng Fengguang(Fengon) E3 EVR Debuted At 2019 Chengdu Motor Show, This is the First Range-Extened Version from DFSK


Dongfeng Fengguang (DFSK) debuted Fengon E3 EVR, it is the extended-range version of Fengon E3 at 2019 Chengdu Auto Show, it also released its pre-sale price range (after subsidies): 120,000-170,000 yuan. Fengon E3 EVR is based on the pure electric Fengon E3 but added an extra 1.5-liter (50kW) range-extended engine.

Dongfeng Fengon E3 EVR features the same family style design as Fengon E3, the body side line is rich and flexible, and adopts two-color body. In terms of body size, the new car has a length and height of 4385/1850/1650mm and wheelbase of 2655mm.

For the interior, the three flat-bottom steering wheel of Fengon E3 EVR is very sporty, emphasizing the positioning of its young sporty vehicle. The full LCD instrument, 10.25-inch floating central control LCD screen and knob-type shifting electronic lever bring interior with full of scientific and technological sense. In the details, the iconic blue decoration and embellishment of the new energy vehicle, such as blue stitching and blue leather, was added. In terms of configuration, Fengon E3 EVR is equipped with advanced safety and driving assistance configurations such as ESP electronic stability, front collision warning, lane departure warning system, uphill assistance, and steep slope descent. In addition, the new car supports remote control of mobile APP vehicles.

The highlight of E3 EVR is the power combination, based on Fengon E3, it is powered by a 120kW (161hp) E-motor, besides, it adds a traditional 1.5L (50kW) engine as the range-extender, the 1.5L engine is not used for drive the wheels but for charging the battery, the official claimed that it could extend battery range of 62miles(100km) in a single energy replenishment so that to achieve a comprehensive battery range of total 590miles(950km).