Dongfeng Fengon(Fengguang) 580 MAX Is an Enlarged Fengon 580 Pro

Dongfeng Fengon 580 Max

We obtained the declaration images of Dongfeng Fengon(Fengguang) 580 MAX from China MIIT, a new variant of Dongfeng Fengon 580. As a new model, Dongfeng Fengon 580 MAX continues the design style of Dongfeng Fengon 580 Pro, it replaced a 2.0-Liter turbo engine with maximum power of 234 ps.

From the perspective of the declaration images, the Dongfeng Fengon 580 MAX had slightly refreshed in appearance comparing to Fengon 580 pro. On the front face, the new car is refitted with a more sleek, sporty front surrounding based on Fengon 580 Pro. In the rear end of the car, the new car draws the design language of Dongfeng Fengon ix5. The FENGON letter badge and trapezoidal license plate frame are set under the taillight bar.

Body size comparison with Toyota High Lander

The overall size of Dongfeng Fengon 580 Max is significantly enlarged based the current Fengon 580. It even surpass the joint venture medium-sized SUV Toyota Highlander.

Body size of Dongfeng Fengon 580 series models

Depending on the model, Dongfeng Fengon 580 MAX will provide a total of 3 style rims in 18-inch or 20-inch diameter, while the front grille also offers a black-plated chrome-plated dot matrix design similar to the 580 Pro model.

In terms of power, the new car will be powered by HD20 2.0T engine produced by Chongqing Xiaokang (Sokon) Power Co., Ltd., with maximum power of 234 ps and peak torque of 355 Nm. The transmission system is still unknown. We will continue to pay attention to more information about new cars.