Changan Released Oshan E01, an All-New A00 Pure EV


China’s A00 class electric car market returned to rationality after experiencing the barbaric growth period. Data show that the sales of A00 class electric vehicles in pure electric vehicles was 23,000 in March 2019, a year-on-year decrease of 18%, accounting for 26% of the pure electric passenger vehicle market, this figure was 69% in the same period last year. The reason is that the subsidy policy increased the cruising range to more than 155kmiles (250km), then most A00-class models are “weaned” due to the short range.

In the process of China’s new energy auto market, which is guided by policy-oriented and gradual transformation, the industry has entered a period of high-quality development from a high-speed development period. Consumers pay attention to quality, practicality, individual needs and experiences. the upward development of new energy vehicle market has become inevitable in China.

Last year Tesla CEO Musk revealed on Twitter that he is building a mini electric car (Tesla mini-car) that can only take one adult. Changan Oshan E01 follows the step.

Changan Oshan E01 is a two-seat/four-seat mini “Urban Tide Smart EV” tailored for young people chasing fashion trends. At the beginning of the design of Changan Oshan E01, the Italian designer team made a special trip to Shanghai for three months to understand the consumption demands of the younger generation Chinese consumers, including their consumption habits and living habits.

Changan Oshan E01’s design language is extremely unique, very sci-fi, subverting many designs of traditional vehicles, including fully enclosed air intake grille, through-type front bumper, a full circle of taillights, instrumentation, door handles are all hidden and cool.

The design of the headlights is very technical. The oversized C-type running lights are perfectly combined with the through-type front bumper. The side of the body is designed in black and chrome to create a good visual effect. The design of the ring taillights is really quite eye-catching and extremely unique.

According to official information, Oshan E01 has a face recognition system and a deeply integrated intelligent system that allows the car to be actively used during use. When idle, it can be intelligently interconnected with mobile computers and home appliances at home, there are also a series of operations that can be done by remote authorization, face identification, intelligence, smart key and mobile app. The Interior of Oshan E01 can achieve 128 DIY combinations, personalized.

Unfortunately, Changan has neither announced its specific parameters nor power and range yet.

About Oshan Marque

Oshan used to be a minibus brand of Changan Automobile (minibus is so-called van, which is a small passenger and cargo car, generally it has 6~8 seats.), minivan once played a important role in China low end auto market. position of Oshan brand is in low end, as the Chinese auto market continues to change, Changan has announced its withdrawal from the traditional fuel van market. Oshan is gradually switching to its new brand logo, the same time Oshan launches some SUV models and EV models, the brand image gradually detached from the original low-end van.