BYD released Yun Nian body control system, more powerful than Mercedes MBC?


On the evening of April 10, BYD‘s Yun Nian technology was officially released. It is an integrated system of a series of body control technologies. The Chinese word “Nian” (Chinese “辇”) refers to the top travel vehicle in ancient times, so “Yun Nian” refers to the travel vehicle for ancient sages and gods.

Literally, this set of technology was born for high-end models, and it can keep the body stable in various road conditions, further improving the ride comfort of passengers. BYD Yun Nian includes four sets of body control systems with different orientations: Yunnian-C, Yunnian-A, Yunnian-P, and Yunnian-X.

Yunnian-C is a set of intelligent damping body control systems, which is similar to the common CDC (Continuous Damping Control) on the market. It uses electronically controlled valves to adjust the damping of the shock absorber. It is also the entry-level version of BYD Yun Nian series. In the future, this system will be equipped on high-end models like BYD HAN and TANG.

Yunnian-A is a set of intelligent air body control systems, similar to the air suspension on the market, which is characterized by the ability to intelligently change the height of the body. At the same time, this system is also able to link the side wings of the seat, which can actively strengthen the support of the side wings of the seat when cornering, and realizing the active stability support. Yunian-A is expected to be the first to carry the Denza N7.


Yunnian-P is a set of intelligent hydraulic body control systems, which is equipped with the BYD Yangwang U8, it allows the vehicle to turn around in place and float in an emergency. Yunnian-P realizes multi-level variable-rate suspension by featuring a hydraulic buffer accumulator, which can take into account the all-round needs of users in different driving scenarios.

Yangwang U8

Yunnian-X is the flagship model, which integrates the technical essence of the three systems of C/A/P. It can use binocular cameras or lidar to identify the ups and downs of the road ahead, and proactively adjust the state of the suspension system in a predictive manner.

Yangwang U9

BYD official says Yunan-X is powerful in performance and surpasses the Mercedes-Benz MBC (Magic Body Control), it will be first featured on BYD’s first sports car, the Yangwang U9.

“The birth of the Yun Nian technology has rewritten the history of relying on foreign countries for body control technology, filled the Chinese technological gap, and achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1. On the other hand, Yun Nian surpassed the level of competitor’s technology, it has been upgraded from 1 to 2.” Said Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Group.

● Editorial Summary:

In the field of active suspension control technology, BYD’s Yun Nian technology has realized corner overtaking of other brands, and at the same time got rid of the dependence on component suppliers and realized the independence of such technologies. Of course, whether the technology is really good to use has to be evaluated by the actual experience of consumers. In the future, BYD Yun Nian technology will become one of the core competitiveness of its high-end brands such as F, Yangwang, and Denza. It will be a magic weapon in the upward process of BYD’s brand, and for its new car products to widen the gap with competing products in technology.