BYD’s Hardcode Off-Road SUV Yangwang U8 Unveiled With Water Floating Tech


On the evening of September 20th, BYD’s high-end brand Yangwang officially launched its tough off-road SUV Yangwang U8 luxury version, with a selling price of 1.098 million yuan (~US$150,589 at rate 7.3:1).

On April 10th, at the BYD Yun Nian Technology Conference, the real car Yangwang U8 was unveiled to the media for the first time. The new car is expected to be exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show. As the first mass-produced model launched by BYD‘s high-end brand, Yangwang U8 is positioned million-level new energy hardcore off-road SUV, equipped with the e4 power system, providing four wheels and four E-motors. It is also equipped with the BYD Yun Nian intelligent hydraulic body control system. It is reported that Yangwang U8 is expected to go on sale in August.

Looking up at the U8, it is positioned at the level of a large SUV. At first glance, the profile of the body is very burly, with a width of more than two meters and a height of 1.93 meters. Both the width and height exceed the Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7 of the same level.

In terms of design, the official claims that Yangwang U8 has applied its new family-style design language of the Gate of Time and Space (this is a translation of Chinese “时空之门”), integrating energy, technology, speed, and aesthetics into the design of the vehicle.

Looking up at the head of U8, it is indeed unique. BYD design director Wolfgang Egger said that its design inspiration comes from the universe. The manufacturer’s information shows that its dot-matrix air intake grille is inspired by the Kuiper belt at the edge of the solar system.

And the zigzag LED light strip is named Interstellar (Chinese “星际穿越”) headlights, with a 3D stereo effect LED matrix inside, each of which is very delicate, even when it is not lit, it has its own reflective effect, and the overall shape has a strong identification, as long as you see the detail, you can immediately confirm that this is U8.

There is another detail, an obviously raised design is made on the top of the headlights. For such a large new energy hardcore off-road vehicle, it can make it easier for the driver to see the positions of the two ends of the front of the car. Or even more convenient when off-road.

The LOGO design in the middle is derived from the Chinese word “电” (meaning electricity) in oracle bone inscriptions. It can be said that it combines Chinese culture with fashion design. Whether you think it looks good or not, we agree with this approach of firmly promoting Chinese culture.

The roof detection system is above the front windshield, the lidar in the middle, and the searchlight slots on both sides are reserved for the searchlight harness. Based on regulations, the original factory does not have searchlights. And this car will launch many customized versions, which can provide users with differentiated services.

When come to the side of the body, you can see the outline of a tough SUV, the roof is straight, and the D-pillar is nearly 90 degrees vertical, creating a tough and resolute image. Previously, the official data showed that the length, width, and height of the U8 are 531920501930mm, and the wheelbase is 3050mm. It is expected that the interior of the car will also have excellent space performance.

In the exterior rearview mirror, in addition to its very large size, which can bring a wide viewing angle, it also integrates 3 cameras for driving assistance and panoramic images.

The design of the energy tower is applied to the D-pillar. The strips of LED light strips present personalized lighting dynamic effects when charging, discharging, and unlocking, enriching the form of visual information interaction between people and vehicles.

The rear of the car has a square and simple shape, and the octagonal full-size spare wheel cover is in line with the tough lines of the body, creating an extraordinary magnificence exclusive to hard-core off-roading. The interstellar taillights echo the headlights, making it highly recognizable.

Official Image of Yangwang U8 interior

In terms of interior, the new car adopts a four-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel, which is more in line with the tough temperament of the vehicle. In addition, the size and clarity of the full LCD instrument panel have good performance and may feature a multi-screen design. In terms of seat layout, the vehicle will adopt a 7-seater layout of 2+2+3.

In terms of power, the all-new e4 technology platform will provide four e-motors for four wheels. The maximum power of a single e-motor will be 220-240kW, and the maximum torque is 320-420N·m.

The new car will also be equipped with e4 blade batteries and a non-load-bearing body. The 4-wheel 4-motor technology can support the independent control of the torque of a single wheel. Compared with the traditional mechanical full-time four-wheel drive system, the electronically controlled four-wheel drive system responds 100 times faster, and the adjustment range reaches 20 times, making it possible to complete various driving states, including ice and snow circular drift, climbing in sand, flat tire to continue driving (120km/h), U-turn on the spot and float-on-the-water mode, etc.

Among them, the float-on-the-water mode can help the vehicle enter the deep-wading road, and after being in a floating state, it can also drive normally and get out of trouble. However, this mode will be used as a passive function rather than an active function. It is only limited to getting out of trouble on roads with deep water accumulation. It is not recommended to challenge in waters such as rivers or lakes.

In addition, the continuous driving mode with a flat tire means that after a flat tire occurs when the vehicle is traveling at 120km/h, the system will quickly monitor the change in tire pressure, and adjust the body posture through the body stability control system to maintain stable driving.

“Luxury does not lie in money or size, but in attitude. Yangwang U8 not only has a high degree of originality, it is easy to leave a deep impression on the individual, but also shows a positive and imposing attitude in appearance, and its configuration and technology are also worthy million-level positioning”, said Wolfgang Egger, BYD design director.