WEISHI 1949: ZX AUTO’s First Full-Size Pickup Listed in China


On December 21, the brand-new pickup truck under ZX AUTO – WEISHI 1949 was officially launched in the Chinese market. It is also the first full-size pickup truck in China. The new pickup is powered by a 2.3T diesel engine jointly developed by Renault/Nissan, and a total of 5 models is offered, including both passenger versions and commercial version, price ranging between RMB 155,900 to RMB 200,900 (~US$24,476 – US$31,541).

ZX AUTO WEISHI 1949 Commercial Edition
ZX AUTO WEISHI 1949 Passenger Edition

In terms of appearance, the new pickup’s styling design is burly and atmospheric. The front face is featured by a borderless front air intake grille, and the large-size headlamp sets on both sides combine with grille to form an integrated a family design style. The side of the body is full and heavy, and matched with black door handles and side pedals.

ZX AUTO WEISHI 1949 Commercial Edition
ZX AUTO WEISHI 1949 Passenger Edition

The rear of the body is mainly square, and a wide black trim is added to the tail compartment. The cargo compartment is also equipped with a thick roll cage and multiple anchor points. In terms of body size, the new car will be divided into two versions, a passenger version and a commercial version. The body size is different. The length, width and height are 5392/2045/1965mm and 5692/2045/1911mm respectively.

In the interior, a symmetrical central control layout is applied, the central control area is equipped with a large-size multimedia touch screen, and the multifunctional steering wheel is made of silver. In addition, the door trim adopts a diamond-shaped grid-like stitch design, and the center console, seat and other parts are wrapped in leather material, which improves the overall texture.

In terms of power, the new pickup is powered by a 2.3T diesel engine developed by Renault/Nissan with a maximum power of 163 horsepower and a peak torque of 380 N·m. At the same time, a gasoline version will also be launched in the future. In terms of the transmission system, it will be matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox, in addition, the passenger version is powered by a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 190 horsepower and a peak torque of 360 Nm. The transmission is matched with 8-speed automatic transmission. In terms of chassis, suspension, the passenger version will adopt a front double-wishbone independent suspension and a rear five-link + spiral spring + integral bridge suspension structure, while the commercial version will use a spiral spring + overall bridge for the rear suspension.

Great Wall Motor’s X Poer

The Weishi 1949 launched by ZX AUTO is the first full-size pickup truck in China, and other pickup truck companies of the Chinese brand currently have no models of this level on the market. Closer to it is the X-Poer of the Great Wall Pickup, but it is still in the stage of spy photos exposure. Therefore, the new pickup is still at the forefront of other brands in this field.

ZX Auto is regarded as a Chinese veteran pickup truck company. Previously, most of them used tool-type pickup trucks such as Weihu (Grand Tiger) and Xiaolaohu (Little Tiger). In 2016, ZX AUTO launched the Lingzhu (Terralord) pickup truck, which basically established the family-oriented design style of its pickup trucks. In April this year, the full-size pickup truck ZX AUTO G9 was unveiled and was officially named Weishi 1949 in November, mainly for the passenger car market of 150,000 to 200,000 yuan. And “1949” represents the time when ZX AUTO was established in 1949, which is enough to show how much ZX AUTO attaches to this full-size pickup truck.